Kris Kross At So So Def Show

With their clothes still on backwards, Mack Daddy and Daddy Mack took us back with “Warm It Up”, “Jump” and “Live & Die For Hip Hop” at last night’s So So Def’s anniversary show. Totally krossed out.

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  • mike davis

    if u put ya pants on backwards do u have to put ya belt on backwards 2?

  • @mike davis
    Go eat a dick backwards. U lame

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  • wickwickwack

    i miss the bus and tonight

  • Derrt

    Dopeness. Would be great if the so so def 20th anniversary hit the road

  • Black Shady

    ^ not really. keep it funky fam. its a good thing cuz JD did a lot true in 20 yrs, but a tour? dont think so…

  • CaliBud

    AND THIS NIGGA SLAYED THIS JUMP REMAKE MUSIC VIDEO (No Spam or fake promotion of sucky ass shit)

  • Brutally Honest

    after 20 years, they still got it

  • donniebrasko

    My first hiphop album i actually bought with my own money, totally crossed out and michael jackson’s dangerous both on tape, summer of 92. Remember it like it was yesterday. I’d pay money to see those to cats in space even, nasa just need to get their act together.

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  • PistolPistol

    Wtf? Twilight zone as hell

    Jump jump


    My first time going to a concert by myself was in 1992…..Junior High. Saw KRISS KROSS x FU-SCHNIKENS x MC LYTE @ the GREEK THEATRE, here in L.A. My pops bugged out cuz he was smoking a joint on the way and he was laffin cuz he saw a gang of kids walking up the hill, with their clothes on backwards……he said it looked like they were on rewind or sum shit. I’ll never forget that shit. MC LYTE killed shit when she did, STOP LOOK LISTEN and POOR GEORGIE back to back, tho…..


  • yuu

    is it me or was Mac Daddy’s mic was mad low?

  • Thank you Earl Johnson for saying that.

  • jinx

    i respect kriss kross i grew up on young rich and dangerous i was 4 wen that album dropped

  • Del

    nice, especially the last son…, I fucks wit Young,Rich And Dangerous, that was a dope album

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  • madeugaf the zipper in by the ass hole 4 easy access im guessin?

  • I was there and kris kross rocked it! Amazing performance and I’ve been waiting years to see them again. Hope more is to come from ok.