• Jayyyy

    Finally. he goes into what he does best. Don’t let Diddy hold you back.

  • Sai


  • TUV

    He went in

  • Batman

    Diddy seriously needs to hire Los some good production, thats the only thing from making his music great. Lyrically he is amazing, but a song isn’t just about lyrical content…

  • It’s the roc

    Not bad, he has good lyrics, just doesn’t really have that “it” factor. But who does these days, good shit

  • Diddy

    Don’t Take Photo’s That Close “Knee-Grow” ,Shit’s Weird

  • finally real hip hop

  • Me


  • onenutned

    this is dope.

  • New music from B Hayes The Pimp. Click the name. Simple.

  • ddave

    Good song. Needs a better instrumental.