• so this dude is just gonna straight up jux Mr. Peace’s name? thats creative

  • unless this is Metta World Peace in which case I would truly be a fidiot

  • alright I’ma fidiot

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  • Alex

    That’s obviously Metta World Peace (Artest). You can hear it in his voice. Also he’s holding a basketball.

  • wickwickwack

    pretty decent track

  • 9th Wonder

    Metta NO. Tech insane

  • ECU

    TECH N9NE brought that heat

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  • Chronic

    Best thing artest as ever put out that I heard, still nothin crazy though, and would almost guarantee he didn’t write it. Techs verse was sick though

  • dmc

    Tech makes it look easy, Id say this other guy is trying, but its pretty wack.

  • Sean

    Yet again, Tech kills another track.

  • Drake Stole Lil Wayne’s Jeggins

    Nigga, where your mustache at?

  • Justin

    oh my god. stop calling him Meta World Peace. His name is Ron Artest. At best he is “The Artest Formally Known As Ron”

  • Bustin’ Jeibers

    Actually, his name is Metta World Peace. Signed, sealed and LEGAL!

  • TheRealJustin

    His name is Metta


    Who is this man, some kind of peace activist? Kind of rapname is that, corny as shit cuh.

  • Matt Robles

    Love Metta world peace AKA Ron Artest LakeSHow! & with my favorite Rapper Tech n9ne!!!!!

  • he should just play basketball.

  • vividpsychosis

    Sounds good man, nice beat, and flow….but Tech. steals the track, Sorry Metta, much love, but that’s Einstein right there! Tech N9ne!

  • Only came here for Tech and that verse was really awesome, great beat too! Sad to see that is had to be wasted on such a shitty rapper I’ve never heard of. Tech just doin’ shit with him to get exposure to the mainstream fans. Plus this guy used auto tune while just like humming and shit, fuck auto tune SMFH. STRANGE MUSIC ALL DAY ALL NIGHT!

  • RECK

    I’m not feelin Metta. Tech N9ne str8 KILLED It!

  • funkyfadam

    this is hot

  • funkyfadam

    tech goes ham

  • Travis Kvadus

    MWP is the god damn man!

  • jamesrowdy29

    Man this song is so fire, Only if Metta can be taken serious, because this is a hit and that beat sounds so good. Tech 9 was a good edition