Game’s Gang Sign Tutorial

Wannabe thugs, watch closely. While in Philadelphia, Game gave an instructional on Los Angeles gang signs. Twist your fingers with caution.

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  • pistalonthedressor

    lol … saw this on worldstar its pretty dope..

  • B.London

    Dry Snithing!? No!?

  • headedhard

    this nigga need some ricola

  • it’s the roc

    Same day: nelly post about forming an accredited college program, game post about a gang sign tutorial

    the yin and the yang of hip hop…

  • B.Dot

    Gotta love the balance

  • Johnson


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Father Of The Year” award is in this guy’s future.

  • JL

    Man game is looking/sounding super old

  • Dude is going grey and giving out gang sign tutorials.

    “Fightin over colors? All that gang shit’s for dumb motherfuckers!” R.I.P Tim Dog

  • Me

    Fuck Nelly!!!

  • D’on

    There you go King Game!

  • BlackAnastasia

    This guy will forever be remembered for squandering away a Golden opportunity with GUnit..

  • DK

    Game reminds me of that senior in high school who hangs out with a bunch of 8th graders because no one his age takes him seriously.

    “2nd Childhood” by Nas comes to mind when I think of this guy.

  • Word

    Damn, ppl still bang in 2013? Y’all niggas ain’t figure it out yet huh?? Smh. Thought gang banging was a dead trend but guess not.

  • gee styles

    Illumanati gonna send u A Check Cock Sucker!!..Throwing up 3 Sixes,Upside side down Straight up Don’t matter. NBA Players throw up these Same Signs In Ball Games when they Hit 3 Pointers? Recuriting Kids To Do This Plain Stupid Knowing They Going to mimmick What They See, Teach Em How To Stay In School, Earn A Degree Teach em A Trait?…Wait you just Wanna Dumb”EM Down!!!

  • The Game Killed Osama Bin Laden

    He been though alot, in life that why yall call him crazy, and shit he’s fukd up in his head good to see him doing good tho.

  • TdE

    Shit em cats will get shot in LA IE or SD throwin shit Up in the West or anywhere thats good he’s like dnt Fuk around wit fire

  • Jimmy

    Everytime somebody touch their thumb with their index finnger doesnt mean it’s “illuminati” smh boy yall be reaching

  • Jimmy

    I cant post comments im not allowed

  • G.O.O.D

    Real nigga wats up

  • D’on

    @zoom real talk nigga love his damn kids some these rappers act like they aint got kids

  • Derrt

    He really threw up Folks with that “E” but im wake

  • Q

    I hate that illuminati shit man

  • ???

    “Shit get real tho in the fox hills tho” (Game voice) nigga got some one to killed roseMo Game is deep in that blood shit niggas think he joking he got money now and if he want ya head then watch out rappers

  • / R K V N E

    LMFAO, GaMe is a fool for that shyt. But he right, even tho he waaaassss WRONG on that Ea$t Side hand sign. Well atleast it looked more like Folk Nation to me

  • Roze

    B.Dot run the illuminati waiting list

  • PistolPistol

    so jumping people w 8 other dudes while you record it with your cellular make you a thug?
    ^run on

  • Jay

    Game that nigga he could kick it with the kardashians one day and beat a crips ass the next i love this bipolar nigga ha

  • G.O.O.D

    @Pistol 40glocc wanted to get put on cedar block

  • 2 Cents

    Man y’all should read up on Fred Hampton. I fux with game and I understand this is the life he comes from and all but as at now with the success, the money and experiences, you’d think he’d know better by now. Smh

  • Black Shady

    LMAO this cant be life….smh

  • Si

    Gucci mane was scared to fight this nigga ha

  • Sam

    His ghetto family in compton milkin this poor nigga dry

  • KANE

    Chuck got jumped at his cusins funeral cuz they all crips smh nigga should have been a crip

  • EMINEM#1

    Em had a harder life then game!

  • Hk


  • Gia

    Good look

  • Hurricane

    Games voice is probably hoarse from performing non stop and touring non stop getting paid to do something you know nothing about ! Making more in one night than your bitch ass would ever see lol Rap radar promotes buster shit anyway

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    I would feel safer in Compton/LA than Philly/Camden any day of the week

  • Beaming


  • onenutned

    this shit finna get all kinda squares shot

  • hannibal lecture

    Game stay gettin top 5 posts while these gay niggas still hate plus he just got like 5 mill to do the voiceovers for the grand theft auto.

  • t whip

    Ima bang u out cuz im bipolar, i dk what im doin lol

  • bank

    FUCK GAME, take notes from Nelly and help put kids in school . you grown ass man

  • This is atleast 2 months old..cuz game is fit as hell now ..nohomo
    He look like a straight Nba ball player rightnow

  • tha OG

    I fucked his wife

  • That Guy

    yes, game, familiarize us with gang signs so we can perpetuate this glorious side of hip-hop culture and/or attract needless trouble.

  • M.T


  • Ramelo

    Game got the Santana Blocc sign wrong, LOL…and that was in the hood he grew up in. That’s not an L bruh, it’s a T for Tanaz

  • Foreign luccini

    Make a hit my nigga bring the west back. Studio gangsta haha, nigga can teach u how to the butterfly to pussi nigggas is hilarious!!!

  • Q

    @foreign->(40glocc)<- get back in them bushes troll

  • Q

    Why these dudes just post hate lol Games biggest fans

  • CaM100

    Game blood

  • Hub city


  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    but im bipolar! man so throw up a gang sign or dont throw up a gang sign LOOOOL

  • Foreign luccini

    @Q, broke nigga shut up!! We out chea

  • Kdot

    @foreign you shut up you broke bum nigga stop hating on the game

  • mac DIESEL



  • Foreign luccini

    @kdot, broke nigga shut up!!! Fagget bitch shut up!! Haha