• Carlosthe5TH

    Serious question. Is Big Homie actually Elliot “YN” Wilson????

  • Johnny Ryall

    Anyone see any “Free Ja Rule” shirts around? Ya me neither.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ No. ha ha

    Before anyone knock this, think for a moment, this dude held down the game for almost 5 years with consistent HITS. UNTIL, fans were influenced (emphasis) by another rapper. #truth

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ @ Carlosthe5TH – I meant to post for.

  • pptheTruth.

    What? Man everybody used to be into Ja.. Venni Vetti was so dope.. 2 mil sold.. Seriously tho.. Dude can rap.. But called on his bullshit before the last of rap as the art we loved(not the corny YMCMB world people live in now) changed.. Some say for the worse

  • pptheTruth.

    Flash can shut the fuck up tho. I hate the fake hype overness done even when its joking.. blows the ear drums out

  • pptheTruth.

    No clap back? The best thing I ever heard with Clap Back was 50 cent acting like he was gonna start rhyming on it.. But he just says something like nahhh.. I remember still getting super excited when I heard 5if on that beat

  • Carlosthe5TH

    ^ Nope.

  • M.T

    Ja def had hits. still listen to his old shit from time to time.

    LOL @ Anyone see any

  • Carlosthe5TH

    @Big Homie. In the most respectful way i want to ask who you are? I always thought you were YN. and B.dot more transparent. Why arent you that visible? Not a hate comment by the way

  • ^ No disrespect taken. Asian cat out of D.C. Does most of the posting. Bad grammar, recovering alcoholic, just got off probation. Low key. A lot of typos etc.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ That’s funny.

    But, I think you missed his point. You’re the only on that’s reserved, you’re not active with responding to other people. That’s what he meant, I think he’s new to the site.

  • DrizzyDre2k

    Bring Back Ja #FreeRule My Idol This World Can’t Shut Out Greatness Unless They Kill It Like They’ve Been Doin IT’S MURDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 4 LIFE !

  • Carlosthe5TH

    @bighomie @just my opinion I am a big fan of the site. And i always caught Big Homie making grammatic errors and thought to myself “how is YN making these editorial mistakes.” lol. I guess this explains it. I wonder if YN gets on @bighomies case when he makes mistakes. I guess the good outweighs the bad. Great job with the site.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Big Homie

    Asian cat out of D.C. Does most of the posting. Bad grammar, recovering alcoholic, just got off probation. Low key. A lot of typos etc.





  • K.I.NG

    lol this dude can’t get a break, oh well, he still handed Eminem a nice dish of ether hahaha


    That’s what I’m talking!!! Good to see Mister Cee pay tribute to Ja Rule. Dude’s better than half of rappers out today.

  • LOL at Carlos, Just, and mac

  • rodmarkie

    I fuckz with 50 but fuck all his dickriding fans,ja was dope af and he got more hits then 50 and yall know before 50 came around yall all was bumping ja. 50 claimed ja was pop but as soon 50 got on he did exactly the something doing duets and sing alongs

  • fh

    Ja is the truth

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Carlosthe5TH

    Actually, mac DIESEL is part of the site too. Although, they act like they don’t know each other.

  • onenutned

    niggas hate to admit ja wore the crown at one point..like y’all wasn’t screamin “it’s murder!” nigga yeah right.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ JustMyOpinion

    Actually, mac DIESEL is part of the site too. Although, they act like they don

  • mac DIESEL

    @ JustMyOpinion

    Actually, mac DIESEL is part of the site too. Although, they act like they don


    Ja got classics, fuck what a hater got to say.

  • Jo Jo

    Who ever said NO Clap Back must of not of heard the last 8 min FreeRule


  • Blackgodlover1979

    Damn mister cee needs to put mixes on soundcloud …. Or can I download or buy the mixes on mp3 ???

  • Blackgodlover1979

    Real talk ja rule got them hits …most of these fuck boys hating were bumping this shit in 2001 hard …

  • brollya

    i get weak everytime i watch that movie wit him and ving rhames in it cuz thats really him in real life…. tryna be a gangsta…. but u really a bitch ass nigga aint ya

  • I don’t get it

    Lmao @brollya dude was mad soft in that movie… Fif killed him with “backdown” use a pop tart sweetheart, your soft in the middle

  • JS

    so many hits but cant come up with 3.3 million dollars sad trying live a life you cant afford is not what up

  • joshiah dimeji

    i dont need to say much about this, i bet all you guys can see it now that my dude got hits over hits, mention anyone in the industry that run the game for straight five years with non stop hits,i bet you guys need to respect a legend in the game now #free ja rule

  • joshiah dimeji

    am glad the rule music speak for himself now

  • People keep acting like it was all 50, Ja helped ether himself too. You niggas really telling me you was messing with the video with him & Ashanti running around on Ferris wheels wit Cotton Candy an shit? You really think 50 had to say THAT MUCH after that?

  • Mr.Opinion

    JA got a catalog of different shit! Them Murder Inc. cats was working “Race Against Time” was my ONE! … #FreeJaShirtsForSale (Not $ Free)

  • One

    Any who says they wernt bumping ja rule in late 90’s and early 00’s is either 1. A liar or 2. A hater

  • KDougherty85

    Ja has talet; he can rap with skill, and capture the masses. That’s a rare thing. Did the singing go a little far? Maybe. But it just proves how fucking stupid the American public is. The masses started mocking him, and for what? Because some horse-faced cunt had a hit and told them to? Thing is, even after the dust settled from that, dude STILL had hits (Wonderful, New York). 50 and the brainwashed masses may have tripped him up, but it was the Federal case and label politics that killed him. Now look at the game- 50’s selling out, desperate for a comeback, and nobody cares, and the game is full of tight-pants wearing clowns who sing more and worse than Ja ever did, and write their rhymes at a second grade level. The 50/Ja beef is tired as HELL it’s been a decade. You hear PIL2? That shit was easily top ten album of the year in 2012. I’m ready for a Ja comeback, and intelligent enough to make my own decisions about what I like. If Ja became relevant again, hip hop music would gain back a little credibility. But if you’re all cool with tight pants, corny dances, Nicki Minaj screaming, Drake rapping how Ben Stein talks, and hip hop just overall flopping these days, then you’re not a hip hop fan, and nobody gives a flying fuck what you think. Bring back Ja.

  • Kage51

    @KDougherty85 I always felt the same. Brain washed public love to follow morons. Thats why Twitter was created. Bunch of followers in this world…

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  • The Wise

    its really sadd..this guy was on top of the rap industry hands down without a doubt…people hate to give him any respect..shit brought me back when i heard that dru hill an ja rule joint…its amost like people are afraid to say ja was dope uz he wasss..crazy but if jay_z came at drake an said i his musics for bitches …i GAurentee the whole rap game would flip on drake…its crazy how much weight sumone has when there on top an then the next man up an commer takes over with there new fan base & yesterdays rapper fan base

  • S

    Ja needs to comeback. Dude had HITS and is needed back in the game.

  • S

    Although 50 did damage his credibility he DID NOT kill his career. It was the feds and the whole Murder Inc investigation. Jah had the game on lock back in the day.

  • me


  • Flash Kid

    I forgot about some of these hits. Shout out to Mister Cee for this Ja Rule special. I wish you included the link to download this show like you did for other artists.

    Over 30 millions albums sold. Gotta pay credit where credit’s due. Ja Rule, you’re the man!

  • joshiah dimeji

    damn @flash kid thanks for your lovely comments over 30 millions albums sold no one cant denied this now ja got the games unlock for years even when i was listening to this now damn ja got hits you got to respect him in the game now,we need him on top again#free ja rule

  • G

    anyone got the tracklist?

  • Flash Kid

    You’re welcome @joshiah dimeji!

    Where can I get a tracklist and a download link?

  • kkk

    his flow is something the game is sorely missing

  • Charlie Schneider
  • Charlie Schneider

    Here’s a link o download the mix: