• it’s the roc

    Dope. In a perfect world this would get as many comments as a post about rappers getting arrested or partying in theclub.

  • Black Shady

    Something positive.

  • Chronic

    Something positive, but how is it unique from any other music or business school?

  • Kemosabi


  • Kaly

    definitely a great thing, i similarly would wonder what makes it unique, but sh*t either way it’s a good thing

  • jobie

    Getting people into school and studying in any subject is a great thing. Get people who otherwise wouldn’t be students at all involves in academics. This is great. Good job Nelly. Imma buy your next album to support causes like this

  • DK

    This comment I’m writing now will be the seventh, yet Game’s video on gang signs is nearing 40, and the post on some nine year-old named Poopy has 16ish. And people wonder what’s wrong with America…

    Good for Nelly, though!

  • Excellent and respectful post here.

  • onenutned

    this is a good look for us as a culture, salute to the man Nelly.

  • Foreign luccini

    Stick ta fugazy clothing lines like vokal and apple bottoms haha!! Durrty ent. We all we got haha

  • mac DIESEL



  • Austin

    good look