wow, this is very poppy. eve’s lyrics seem to be overly positive and motivational. its a little weird, not really feelin it. but i do still like eve’s delivery.

  • Andrew

    I like the message. It’s a cool track. I like that she’s trying to do different things. Def looking forward to hearing what she has to bring with the full album

  • kareem


  • Gary Paulson

    Haha ….

  • majormar

    Sellout… keep nicki name out ya mouth too. Makes u look childish lost and jealous

  • ArmaniB

    This is the song she was talking about that she was asked to write for the Big Brothers/Little Brothers charity…I dig this for that cause…uplift out youth.

  • bullets_wit_his_teeth_nigga_please

    Well it least she’s learning to stop rhyming everything on the fkn Bap!

  • Your Father

    Get this Maroon 5 shit out of here.
    I thought the whole point of being independent was to avoid being forced to make music like this?

  • onenutned

    this is actually the lane she needs to run, she came to far to be tryna run the gamut of thug mrs. or sum other shit. good job eve.

  • Itsfarfromover1

    Stop it.

  • Lethargic1

    It was decent.

  • wickwickwack

    popish but very lyrical …kinda sad ,this girl is by far the best “active” female rapper but her song sucks

  • King Game

    The queen back, whats with the illuminati stuff? Cmon played out..

  • Mr.Opinion

    THIS IS DOPE!!’nn

  • Playboy69

    Eve is so 2000’s…. She is WACK & she is a AUNT JEMIMA! She need to SIT HER AUNT JEMIMA ASS DOWN! And Thank Stevie J & Swizz Beatz for her career. Put a FORK in it Eve CAREER is DONE!

  • chillthrill

    i like it,,,,,rock on!!

  • Honestly

    Stop shit is dope. Go EVE