New Video: Redman Ft. Method Man x Ready Roc “Lookin’ Fly Too”

Rack ’em up. Reggie returns with new music and brings it to the pool hall with Meth and Ready Roc in his brand new video. Hopefully, nobody got hustled out of their money.

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  • The Co-Signer

    Smooth…hope this is Blackout 3 material…

  • That Guy

    This is niiice. And if you’re about to start hating on the autotuned or synthesized hook, whatever it is, just cause of the fact that it was used, stop. Listen to it; it sounds good.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ They had me until the hook. I refuse to approve anything auto-tuned or synthesized, as you mentioned. I believe its rapper’s crutch to a hit song.

    @ YN where’s the TRUTH: Will rapper’s ever stop using auto-tune?

  • Flow

    Tical still has the best FLOW in the rap game. Red and Meth always brings it. keep it up

  • chillthrill

    true true,, i fucks with this,,,radio programmers need to jump on this,,,,,good groove

  • That Guy

    @JustMyOpinion, I get it. We’re sensitive to autotune after the stain it left on hip-hop. But you listen to this and it works. That’s what it means to be an artist: you use your discretion and make a call like “yeah, autotune was whack but this sounds good to the ear so I’m gonna run with it despite that.” I give props to Red.

  • Blunted on Reality

    very good

  • jesus

    amen <3 red &mef

  • PistolPistol

    Dope flows. wack ass sounding hook.. Wish it was more grimey

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  • Real reconize real

    I wouldnt mind hearin this on the radio

  • Evil

    Fuckin corny hook,disappointed that Red and Meth stoop down to auto tune level.

  • King Game

    I dont know

  • KG

    This can be played on radio.

  • rezzie

    fuck love red and meth my ideals

  • BKLYN44


  • The Wise

    another fail..REDMAN STAY OFF THE FUCKIN AUTO TUNE..IT CLEARLEY DIDINT WRK AT ALL FOr UR LAST ALBUM…this shit pisses me of an this is comin frm redman being one of the elites in the far as the song goes beats mediocre…hook straight trash..but Much props to meth on this song he straight laced it with a dope vibe an flow he hasnt lost a step jus needs better production..DAMN I WAS FUCKING EXCITED WHEN I HEARD REDMAN’s “WHITE PEOPLE RIOTING”..the shit WAS CLASSIC REDMAN WITH SERMON ON THE BOARDS…RED WE NEED MORE OF THAT FUCK THIS CROSSOVER appeal at this point u only have ur loyal fan base..

  • G

    Meth still got it damn he need to get rid of redman tho

  • Bringing hip-hop back to reality Redman,Methodman video is Da bomb.