• amadoue

    damn kendrick will be forever remembered

  • fifflaren @ rran

    Kendrick is just the perfect rapper

  • Buin I

    wwow that was good

  • Lover of music

    That was so smooth,I almost fell asleep in bliss. The Sax player almost took the spotlight though.

    SN- not like this matters, but I never knew that Kendrick’s ears are that big.

  • Da44avis

    Kendrick best rapper alive

  • YMCMB fan

    wow Kendrick I love you

  • yEAAAJ

    he reminds me of tupac tbh

  • CaM100

    Damn who would have thought kendrick fans are gayer then lil b fans lmao ^ yall cant like girls

  • azzze

    Damn he is headlining some of the biggest festivals in Europe, he did it !

  • alphs

    Not a fan but yeah, he is probably one of the best MC

  • John

    Lil ugly big ear fag lol

  • fqfq

    I hate shows on letterman but Kendrick has a natural charisma, he did it.

  • Jo

    Best rapper right now

  • Tripa DuiuuuS

    Yeah shows on letterman are always bad but it seems that kendrick never loses

  • the Chef

    Going to buy the single.

  • Jon

    Big Ears and BIG TALENT.

  • kilazzZZzz

    he is everywhere lol, already a super star

  • high

    gkmc, a fucking classic !

  • Hub city

    This guy sucks use to have joints before good kid mad city that album super trash i want my money back!

  • D’on

    @Bighomie, do you think kendrick is overated?

  • DrakuLa

    Qoog kid maad city is the only classic of this decade

  • biggra

    Yeah gkmc is a classic, a real master piece

  • turnit

    Going to buy his album good kid, I downloaded it and it blew my mind.
    Glad to see he is now considered as the new king of hip hop

  • Yo-laah

    Kendrick Lamar > the new Tupac

  • NoName

    he is now my favorit erapper, lol just listened to gkmc and I realized that he was the best rapper alive

  • NY kidd

    Hows he remind you of pac?? haha wow (white)kids say dumb shit about hiphop smh

  • Anpn



  • Readyto

    I would say that he is a mix of tupac, nas and andre 3000

  • kbisburning

    Flawless performance.

  • cev0

    ye, he is already better than Pac.

  • BBC|frn

    he is really the new Tupac damn.

  • H.A.M k


  • klqrence

    so he is now the king ? I can deal with it… he is better than the ex goat like pac biggie…

  • Jcole

    Cole world

  • Freeweez

    King kendrick Lamar, best rapper DEAD OR ALIVE

  • imolaHa

    Cole is good, but kendrick is on all another level.

  • MMGf

    I can die in peace, hip hop is in good hands with kendrick

  • kimmy

    pretty good performance, it was better on SNL though

    kendrick > all

  • IamAkendrickStan

    Bests rapper ever love his ears

  • mx

    he is on the winning road, this kid is the best

  • Rattle1qf

    LOl these ears lol.

    but yeah, he is the best right now

  • OVO boy


  • Dopeness

    grats kendrick, it was a good performance homie.

  • v1ent

    pretty good performance, this is what I was expecting from the new legend.

  • OVO boy

    Co sign @hamk King Game is the west coast savior no1 fukin with that boy and drake is better then kendrick….OVO nigga!

  • Ymcmb


  • TraX

    Kendrick is the king, the industry is considering him as the king.

    kendrick > all

  • Eminemstan

    Kendrick >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> damn good performance

  • Roledy

    not a bad performance but yeah, kendrick is the best right now.

    Game is trash lol

  • Weezy

    Kendrick the homie is the best MC dead or alive

  • Julie


    That version of Poetic Justice was fucking perfect

    That band killed it

    and that sax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zeerax

    good kid maad city was the best album since ’94

  • Hub city

    [email protected] nigga’s didnt like him when he was kdot lol gkmc was trash of 2012 old newz tho next

  • Jin Hawk

    -_-Kendrick trash…next

  • E.pill

    NiggaS trolls kenrick is not that good album classic wtf yall thinkin that shit was hot trash lol

  • Myles cook

    Im gonna tell the truth, I like kendrick but hate the album sum of my homies be like its hot, and i just say yeah to fit in. Yeah I know thats dumb but I do….

  • fqfq

    classic album, the best of the decade

  • rajjj

    GKMC #1

    91/100 metacritic

  • qgggg

    gkmc = classic


    G.kmc was okay no classic throwing that word around alot it was more bad then good 6 out of 10


    This guys stans are post under a shit load of names lol…..qggg rajjj fqfq and so one ha

  • jakif

    good kid maad city is the best album of this decade

  • rahhh

    it was a classic

  • Leon Sandcastle

    ^ damn, make sure to cup the balls while all y’all down there. Im a fan too but sheesh.

    The dick-ridery here is unprecedented.

  • potofeu

    his album is a master piece.

  • bbc-dud

    It was easily the best album of the decade with mbdtf

  • HipHopStan

    Nice….but yeah the album left the car already

  • jiga

    Kendrick is really too good.

    good kid maad city = illmatic

  • Yung

    Im a fan but Decade? No sir i rate it #3 of 2012 jp #2 live is good #1

  • Kilaz

    good kid maad city was a master piece

  • pijo

    gkmc #1

    LIG #2

    best album of 2012, it’s a given

  • sheldoN

    That version of Poetic Justice was fucking perfect

    And yes, Good kid was the best album of 2012, one of the best of all time tbh

  • Lanc

    it was clearly the best album, lol.

  • LPhillipe

    lol these trolls.

    Good kid maad city shits on eveyrthing, best album since the college drop out (2004)

  • Black Shady

    @Leon the sad part of it, is it’s one person posting all..-___-the classic shit..and decade replys wow

  • Hage

    yeah, not a fan but good kid maad city is a classic

  • Yung

    *life* and JP

  • fixyourself

    I prefer Drake but good kid maad city was fantastic.
    I would say it’s the best album of the year and the second best album of the decade behind my beautiful dark twisted fantasy

  • bl401r

    Life is good was pretty good but good kid m.A.A.D. City was on all another level.

    9.5/10 album
    Life is good is a solid 8

  • Jin Hawk


  • googl

    it was my favorite album too
    He is a little bit overrated but he dropped the best album of the year without a doubt !

  • 6minutes

    solid album from kendrick, probably one of the best hip hop albums.
    It really deserves its status of isntant classic

  • Jin Hawk

    It’s one person LOL “im not a fan but gkmc was the best” <—nigga you one fan that keeps posting like your other people loser as nigga we dont belive U

  • Reaching for the sky

    kendrick was the only one to bring real hip hop back with good kid

  • General

    people need to stop overrating him but I agree though, he really dropped one of the best albums in recent years

  • plastic rap

    lol don’t eat the trolls guys, of course gkmc is a classic !

  • TdE

    Kendrick esco Game kanye and fif had the best albums of the decade real hiphop leeeggooo

  • Nasir

    great album yep

  • 50 cent

    WOW slow day huh

  • Hk

    So…..Mediocre is good now??

  • Dark111

    dope performance, he is really on the top of the world right now

  • Hol’up


  • Eminem

    it was the best album I have heard since 2010. You can easily see the evolution of story telling with this album

  • Hol’up

    Classic trash

  • Eminem

    Kendrick Lamar was poised to have a memorable 2012. Even without major distribution or a single to increase exposure, his 2011 indie release, Section.80, landed on year-end

  • Jean Christ

    Keel calm guys, yes it was the best album, yes you guys are talking shit, yes it was one of the best albums of the west coast

  • Gamer

    He changed the game with his album and now, expectations for hip hop albums ahve become wayyy greater since good kid dropped.

  • skyfall

    Kendrick is carrying the west coast on his back to be fully honest

  • Almostlighty

    He had the album of the year and I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be his year too !

  • Almostlighty

    he is definitely going platinum with this classic

  • Mars

    it’s not a classic, not yet, right now it’s a great album, probably the best album we have heard in recent time.
    It has to pass the test of time and then, it will be a classic.

    Stars already talk about it as a classic because the quality of the album is just amazing but we have to wait before giving the real status of classic to this album

  • MR.X


  • Wikl

    hmmm, yeah we have to wait but it was definitely the most cohesive hip hop albums of 2010 2011 and 2012.
    MBDTF from kanye was a classic too

  • MR.X

    Yeah…not even a good album let keep it 100 good rapper trash album

  • Dea

    he deserves all the hype, his album = some kind of elevated rap

  • Dr House

    there are some trolls here but some people just feel insecure about their favorite rapper because the whole industry is talking about kendrick as the new GOAT

    as for Good kid maad city, it was a solid album, one of the best I have heard

  • azerty

    10/10 album

  • G.O.O.D

    Dude sucks to a lot of folks….

  • Menzo

    His album takes me somewhere else

    It’s up there with illmatic, TMMLP and ready to die

  • Kanye West fan


  • Geeeeeno

    stop talking about this album as one of the best albums, it’s THE BEST album

  • ThiRo

    He is overrated but it doesn’t mean he isn’t the king.
    Tupac was overrated but absolutely amazing, kendrick is the same.

    By the way, Good kid maad city was the album of the year

  • Blllloooodylic

    I love him, it was a good performance but SNL was better imo.


  • Polo

    5/10 beats sucked ass

  • volts

    one of the most impressive albums

    It was extremely well produces, well written, lyrics are perfect, wow it blew my mind

  • shadizz

    this man only makes classic albums tbh

  • shadizz

    This will be a timeless? album for sure, hip hop is now looking better

  • playboy_x

    Wow that is some good? shit

  • buy

    kendrick sellin out? but he is the best right now.

    Good kid maad city is amazing !

  • West Coast

    There’s 1stan goin HAM on here posted like 80 comments wow

  • ewwwwjuice

    good kid m.A.A.d. city is the most important album in music history since the white album. rap has finally found a meaning with kendrick lamar

  • realnigga

    the most important debut since Get Rich or Die Tryin’ or College Dropout

  • lilwy

    I hate when people get overly excited about a new album and claim dumb sh**.

    GKMC was the best album of 2012 but slow down please, let the album live !

  • Arsenal

    Either Kendrick or pac is the king

  • Trevar

    Kendrick Won with his west coast illmatic

  • Trevar

    Gkmc is NOT classic YET but a great album.
    Time will tell if it’s another The Chronic but kendrick is on his way to change hip hop so yes

  • keyser @ rap

    lol at some of you guys..its one of the best storytelling..cohesive albums in the modern era

  • E-rock

    this is a classic but media tryin their best lol

  • DrizzyMakeItRainOnCha

    good kid maad city is an exceptional album and in due time will get the recognition of a classic


  • West Coast

    Wow you need meds^ have you ran out of names yet?

  • Ma1c

    Btw illmatic is not as great as people make it to be, Good kid maad city is a little bit better than that tbh

  • True Sinister

    Cole was an absolute disappointment. Kendrick’s album and lyricism is better by miles.

  • Truusto

    i like the deluxe tracks more than the standard smh but GKMC is definitely the best album I have heard since GRODT

  • PS4

    Hot Trash haha niggas got me dying

  • VLC

    A true masterpiece, poetic jsutice is perfect too

  • dying of thirst

    so many trolls here

    gkmc #1

  • Hol’up

    This guy that goes by all theses names look at the time and he sayin the same shit ! Lmfao we get it your in love with kendrick now go take your med’s lol…..ps that album is trash cant lie cosign

  • qff

    kendrick keeps winning

  • cakke

    only 1 guy hating on kendrick here, rofl cake

  • number

    what are you guys talking about ? gkmc was in every end-year lists, of course this is the album of the year

  • *KRs1″

    Beats did suck, could have done way better 7/10 and thats being nice…plus the singing was annyoning af if you ask me.

  • Reply

    @Westcoast yur right bro, Im a fan but1 guy in love with kendrick here damn! Wtf get off the sack nigga!?? Take ya meds asap

  • 2 cents


  • Q&A

    The guy is whack the Album is Trash never ever gonna b a classic

  • Q&A

    And what up with home boy going crazy on the comments this shit is really supost 2 have about 30 comments nigga posted like 300 lol #1 stan

  • Hol’up

    @cakke you the one nigga posted all theses comments sad you love kendrick way to much its scary hahahahahahahahahahahahahaah 90 comments all form you wow record

  • qgqg

    best album of the year

  • Jayden

    Shit sux

  • Jayden

    Fuk itunes a got it The album sounds really annoying:(

  • ZoomZoomdad-Otis

    Irrelevant album already old news

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Beats where meh


    Wasn’t like Get rich..or The Doc.. But it was a good album not classic tho

  • D’on

    Kendrick could rap

  • Evil

    Kendrick is not a legend.He is overrated as fuck by his dickriding fans.
    He is not a legend either,not saying he wont be but you aint a legend with 1 good album.Takes alot more than that.
    His album was good,nothing more.

  • NY Kidd


  • slaughter

    dann yall really do dick ride best ever? nope, best alive? nope, top 10 yes but not dead or alive

  • FSB

    Let’s shout out that saxophone player one time

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  • Beaming

    Killed it damn he’s sick

  • mb

    @Lover of music

    The Sax player is Terrace Martin. He’s an artist and produced “I’m Real.”

  • Fresh

    sweet performance. very well done. Even letterman was like WOW. i can wish only the best for Kendric. guy is making quality hip hop.

  • Stan

    best album of the year

  • trexx

    when I listen to it, it was more than music, it was a story of a person just like me with dreams, fear, dangers, trouble, happiness, adolescence and maturity. He stayed true to his roots he kept it original but different. God bless Kendrick Lamar and hip hop.

  • ajjj

    Good god, I havent heard an album like this in a GOOD minute. I will actually purchase this rather than download it. If hip hop artist pumped out more stuff like this, labels could move units like it was ’98.

  • radar

    classic album! THIS IS HIP-HOP, play your rap somewhere else

  • bEezze

    One of the best Album I ever heard!! Point Blank!!

  • Santos

    Good Kid M.A.A.d city one word. Outstanding. Masterfully put together, tight flows, manner of delivery of sometimes morbid content done in a socially acceptable manner, this album appeals to not only dedicated hip-hop fans but also the passive ‘hip-pop’ chart listeners. It is evident this album is meant to be the gate-way drug if you will to the world of alternative hip-hop music (You know, the plethora of hip-hop music hardly recognised by anyone outside of the Youtube community) with tracks such as ‘Swimming Pools’ and ‘the recipe’ speaking to the apathetic weed smoking indie/ hipster/ neo-hippy playstation generation and for the time being It would be hard to refute the claim that Lamar is primarily an alternative hip-hop artist. Akin to what is expected of A$AP Rocky’s impending debut, the overall sound of this album is so different to what has came before. Take for example ‘Sing about me’ and its smooth jazz like sound or ‘Sherane’ which can only be described as possessing a strange alien undertone. It reminds me of the progressive rock music of the seventies, Could Lamar be to Alt Rap what Pink Floyd was to Prog Rock? Only time will tell but the cynic in me is screaming that this may be the prerequisite to another rapper turned chart mule i.e making alot of noise to get attention and then being obedient to the time tested formula of making a shit load of money as we have seen so many times before. However, I would leave this notion to pure speculation for the time being as what Lamar seems to be doing and what GKMC is representing is nothing less than the progression of rap music and I am excited at the possibility of what this could mean.

  • Real

    This is hip-hop and this is a major step forward in bringing it back to the forefront of “mainstream” music.

  • JaffaRR

    This album is ahead of its time. Perfection from start to finish.
    The best hip-hop debut since Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor.

  • kdot4 resod,t

    This Album is fuc’n AWESOME!!

  • Kimberly King

    This deserves every bit of this rating. This shit is a CLASSIC.

  • CDA2023

    Pac died at 25. Kendrick starts to carry the throne at 25 should be some good years to come

  • CDA2023

    This album will go down as one of the best albums of all time for any genre just like Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Ready to Die and the other rap albums that are considered the best of all time. When those albums came out we didn’t understand how great they because were very young at the time. Now we have a chance to witness a classic and a legend in the making. The storytelling is amazing. It’s like a movie. You can’t just listen to a couple of songs or skip through. You have to listen straight through from beginning to end.

  • Foreign luccini

    *a star is born*

  • As Real As It Gets

    From us to the whole RR Staff! It’s King kendrick Ya Bish!!!!

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