• Truth

    Just iight to me…Krit kinda peaked after Return of 4Eva…

  • Krit peaked??? u crazy!! #ShineON

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    This guy lost all his stream.

  • stuart scotts eye

    Not bad..big krit fan thoo

  • stereokiller

    krit is boring…and he look like tracy morgan

  • Mr.Opinion

    Krit is that Dude … That’s tha grown man rap I suggest niggas clean those ears & appreciate real penmanship while it still is around!! You have to have a brain to process his lyrics. Him & Kendrick will be around for a while! … “ME”

  • Facts

    @ Truth

    4evanaday was at least as good as returnof4eva

  • A-Town

    KILLING it

  • DisgruntledHipHopStan

    Good song and dope sample. Bun b with the fast flown is always better then his slow flow in my opinion.Krit just gotta find his way in this game 3 great mixtapes arguably classics. Album was a let down but if he can find that magic he brings on his mixtapes and bring it to retail he’ll be alright.

  • ighttttt

    4eva and a day wasnt as good as krit was here at all… cause he changed his style he started to do a lil more singing and shit on that one.. krit wuz here and return of 4eva. his 2 best projects to date!

  • dreadFLA

    Fire 3rd coast stand up FLA

  • That Guy

    Let’s set some things straight:

    Return of 4eva was KRIT’s best product.

    This is is alright, meaning, it has no replay value. I heard it, I support KRIT, but I won’t be bumping it.

    KRIT’s next tape will show us exactly where he stands creatively. The reality is that you can only rap about so much before you start falling. KRIT’s already put out A LOT.

    I wish nothing but the best for KRIT cause he takes the craft seriously, he take’s production seriously and kills it, and most importantly he gives real food for thought.


  • figaro


  • ess

    this is very nice to hear..

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  • jesus

    he always drops fire

  • CDA2023


  • v1ent

    not very good tbh…

  • troumAns

    So painful to hear, he should stop rapping

  • I love smoking Dope so what?

  • good hip hop is so unappreciated these days

  • Foreign luccini

    I respect krit music and production, but why that nigga logo look like a reses peanut butter cup!!