• chillthrill

    worrrd!!!,,,money is the motivation,,,,,,,,,champ- cardi 151


  • Jerzzz

    Pretty cool track

  • ness

    Asher got bars content is pretty weak but he can rap his ass off

  • Black Shady

    this nigga can spit for real

  • jobie

    underground rapper, accidently made a top 10 hit titled “i love college”, asher roth ladies and gentleman

  • ILL…flows for days
    p.s. where da album attt

    need beats?

    ^i got that shit

  • Evil

    Asher Roth = One Hit Wonder

  • That Guy

    Dude can spit. But the image he’s portraying to his viewers is not appealing. Take yourself more seriously and we will too.

  • That Guy

    And content is weak?…… It’s about one thing the whole time (compared to “We gotta help the kids / bitch come and lick off this jizz” type lyrics heard often in hip-hop) and what he spits is real shit.

  • EarthBrain

    he makes great conscious sense if you listen closely. amazing artist, no doubt.

  • As Real As It Gets

    Love this white boy. He’ll spit circle around these half ass rappers.