• Sic

    She got that old school flow, I love it. Keep it up and good luck with your career.


    IT’s actually pretty good, no pun intended, her voice can be a bit annoying but quietly she dropped some decent lines here…interested to see where this goes

  • Rosewood

    Beat knock……shortly cool…..she slick plus she sexy……

  • Black London

    I want to hate it… but I don’t.

  • Dashing

    Good beat selection cause she definitely has a 90s era Badboy Biggie kinda sound, very reminiscent of early Lil Kim. Not bad, not great, but better than a lot of wack female mcees.


    this is good … not bad at all… i just dont think the visuals match the song… other than that its cool i was surprised. Id rather bump this over any nicki minaji song

  • ness

    yeah not bad rather see her sex tape tho

  • name

    dope..but d voice is quite annoyin…smoke more doobies

  • chillthrill

    its her,,,no complaints,,,,just easy with the cursing,,,and you good

  • DisgruntledHipHopStan

    She could get it…And the song was better than expected. I like that she not doing her best nixki impression

  • she def has it…raw beat…a sexy girl who blazes and raps = good in my book…
    shell have some deals on the table soon

    need beats?

    ^i got all different vibes

  • JOHNYblaze

    ya I though she was fly on the show, she is fine thoo. yumm fiesty, mami mixed i bet. The track is cool tho shes actually spitting, and freaky blazed, i guess for her to make it BIG like that she just has to make lil sexualer hits…

  • onenutned

    its a cool lil joint

  • Boom

    Low key… I’m fxckin wit this record mane.

  • Jaymalls

    This shit kinda fire… lol! Hope nobody sees this comment!

  • slick

    shes better than consequence

  • 50cent [email protected] Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.


    ran this back more than any NICKI MINAJ record

  • M.Garvey

    Voice is annoying

  • Mike

    She got a nice rack

  • this isnt bad at all. her voice is usually really annoying.

  • poetic assasin

    Feeling this joint- hope she goes far

  • wow

    love this…. none of that fake multi personality flow… reminds of kim

  • wow

    oh yeah and she dissin red cafe lol

  • Dashing

    Good beat selection. She’s on that 90s Badboy era vibe. She should rock over more classic beats from that era like some classic Premo shit or some of those early Hitmen beats.

    It’s nice not to hear a Nicki/Azaelia copy.

  • FTW

    Yall niggas are real corny.

    Yeah she’s nice looking but the track is straight garbage.

    No hate, I actually like Lore

  • mitch

    voice is annoying, but she can rap, beat is nice. chorus is wack tho, but overral, this is a good track

  • Diddy

    LMAO LMAO LMAO She talking about wack ass Red Cafe my new mascot and that bum Shakedown crew. All the real niggas been left except Bullet. Fake chains lol lol lol (Hell Rell Voice)

  • koO

    beat is allright and the verses are pretty dope, can’t lie. As a man, it’s hard to groove to the hook tho.

  • Waymond

    I wanna meat her.

  • tucq

    @ Waymond

    Meat, too

  • moreffa

    pretty these hoes is fucking ugly

  • WorldFamous_Kev

    This is nice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I still keep Lil Kim’s “Hard Core” in my CD Case and iPod, no I will never replace it but it would be nice to add some female influence to my collection besides Lil Kim and Lauryn Hill.

  • DJ Bobby Drake

    Started watching with a twisted face..But I must admit it was that bad..Go shorty..

  • Oh shit!! I passed by this mad times thinking it was trash, but she kinda dope! Can’t even front, this remind me of some early Lil Kim shit when she was raw, beat and everything goes

  • That Guy

    this is garbage. zero lyrics, just “bitch, fuck, nigga, pussy, clit, etc,” and other humdrum bullshit. and she got a gut; that’s why she’s covering her midsection all the time.

  • That Guy

    this is garbage.
    zero lyrics, just “b*tch, f*ck, n*gga, p*ssy, cl*t, etc,” and other humdrum bullshit.
    and she got a gut; that’s why she’s covering her midsection all the time.



  • Wuh?

    Yall said this is ok cuz she got that rack up top. this is weak

  • firestarter

    This was decent. Shorty pretty and her flow is fair. Video was so-so but u can live with it lookn at her pretty ass. Don’t care that she a little fluffy thas wassup.

  • Angel

    what the fuck is the rap world coming to. this shit is trash. How long will she last.