New Video: Trinidad James Ft. T.I., Young Jeezy & 2 Chainz “All Gold Everything (Remix)”

TJ is living his life like it’s golden. And with his fellow ATLiens by his side, he paints the town gold in his new video. Don’t believe us, just watch. Don’t Be S.A.F.E.

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  • Connect

    Please. 15 minutes is up both for 2 Chainz and Trinidad!

  • real talk

    pure greatness

  • NYCown

    These dumb ass niggas took forever to put the video out it don’t even have the same appeal… Like wtf is T.I. waiting on to release a video/single these niggas just ain’t the same

  • 2 chainz was extremely garbage on this

  • 50cent [email protected] Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.



  • Cruel Thing

    I love TI’s flow on this song

  • Snap

    T.I. da KING stays winnin while everybody still sleepin on him

  • im curious as to what the marketing plan is for TJ..this aint a bad move but i wonder if he can ever drop another single of this magnitude nd build enough buzz for an album.

    need beats?


  • Mufasa

    dat chinese chick goin in with trinidad james lmao! the only low point of these song, is a long ass 2 chainz verse, nigga jus slept while rappin smh -_-

  • JOHNYblaze

    Cool for TJ how this whole shit came about and blew up!!! Be having the hipster and hood clubs turnt when this shit comes on. All thru the internet too, this remix is dope for his city with the legends.

  • Jamal

    i stopped it before 2 chainz wack ass came in

  • Aaaaaand the absolute worst verse of the year goes to…


  • Dante

    T.I. actually got Young Dro in the video…man I forgot he even existed

  • DoinTooMuch

    It took them this long to release this wack video? SMH weak!

  • chino

    @dante u mean 3krazy?


    females welcome is gna blow……tht song says wat all us b thinking wen our main one b trippin…..i need tht cdq thoe t.james

  • Whois_thatnigga_onthat_NAG

    I usually don’t mind 2 Chainz but they shouldn’t have let him out the booth with this throw away shit. Aye at least he got paid.

  • Dante

    @ chino; nah young dro’s sprinkled in there for a few bits; :58 with the hustle gang hoodie

  • Dante

    ^ actually nvm scratch that didn’t realize he changed his name; lol that just goes to show how irrelevant he’s been

  • KoldCase

    people hating on trinidad

    go listen to givin no fucks

    thats a great song

  • assmaster

    could have done better with the features. the verses were weak esp 2chainz verse. stop glorifiying dope selling and get back to the real hip hop.

  • whats the deal

    jeezys verse is tight

  • brza

    Cringing from that 2 Chainz verse.

  • Black Shady

    this is bad

  • King Game

    @Blkshady Cosign that

  • really 23

    rap is wack. old niggas try to ride any wave…

  • NY Kidd

    Im late but NEXT!

  • gammaboi

    Ah, I’m confused…how is this a remix and the nigga who’s song it is didn’t even have a verse on the shit???

  • LouisDaKing

    T.I. Spazz out on this one dope video dope remix !

  • Schaboozle

    Who’s the girl dancin behind Trinidad James? She looks fine as hell..

  • Best raping ever bitter then 2pac and Bigie real talk! Firee

  • areal1

    snowman went in T.I. did too 2chainz was trash

  • el rey

    T.I owns that track

  • brokeisadisease

    @Buggin Out!

    Aaaaaaaand Executive of the Year goes to…..whoever decided NOT to let Trinidad James “rap” on his own remix…….

  • K.I.NG

    @assmaster stfu faggot, this is trap muzik, go listen to yo hip hop if you don’t like it

  • HB

    2 Chainz verse sucked . TI & Jeezy killed it though



  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    shits f’ing stupid got outplayed like crazy fro this guy to get so much attention off a like weak ass average at best mixtape, just go get the shit on datpiff why link to itnues, it is a mixtape afterall…..nigga should make some real music before he gets real money

  • barf

  • I am not mad at this at all. Dope remix.

  • 2Chainz verse makes alot more sense now….he put on the Slick Rick persona….not many people are gonna catch that