• bylaw99

    I’m gonna say before anybody comes in to hate…THEY ASKED 50 ABOUT FLOYD HE DIDNT OFFER TO TALK ABOUT HIM….THEY ASKED HIM ABOUT FLOYD…gotta clarify before kids come in automatically thinking Fif has to discuss May.

  • Facts

    Damn 50 is always going to be relevant

    Y’all not posting about Officer Ricky’s hotel in NYC being protected by police right motherfuckin now


    50 must want Floyd back as a friend!

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    We respect 50.

  • upyown

    yeah they asked him about floyd, but 50 is a sucka for putting that out like that he didn’t have to say that, he always trying to make himself look good and tears others down in the process, but i bet he will never admit that the greed for money in his eyes also caused the fall out, dont get it twisted i’m a fan just getting tired of the same ol bs from fif, he say dam near the same thing in every interview anyways

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This guys rap career is over. His album is never going to drop. He is the most unloyal person and backstabs anybody just to stay relevant. I just hope he retires soon.

  • Ace

    Yo my ninja 5-0 is jus dewin the rounds for his fight on espn 2moro nite. For his fighter dibbs. But, yea he looked a lil uncomfortable about those ?s even doh they were 2 b expected. It’s sad wen ur music got u dis dam far & u cant even b asked about ur own craft it has 2 b about another nyggas craft. Now that’s fuckin irrelevant. GGGGGGGG aww forget about it it ain’t 03 & I aint got no 6pack no mo lmao introdeuces

  • Peekay

    that fight will happen the same day Detox drops #never

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    MMG groupie using my name SMH. FIF is that dude wish Stephen A. Smith was on there today. [email protected]”Y

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    MMG stans SMH get a life niggas i saw the other post! Anyway, fif make a hit and show Officer Ricky.



  • How this guy have 1 comment

  • Devante

    Washed up

  • KaRon

    Nigga you washed up

  • Devante

    ^not more washed up then your hero bobo


    why is this nigga speaking on boxing and not his rap career? you irrelevent dawg, your career is over.

  • King Game

    @HJOOD Nuff said.

  • BettaThanYourAverage

    He’s on a Sports Show, of course they’re going to ask about Mayweather! Idiots on here think he was on 106 and Park or something lol


    Anytime he’s talking and not a beat behind it…I ALWAYS WANNA HEAR

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    50 Cent groupies and stans SMH get a life niggas.


    50 take more L’s then wack ass mmg

  • Foreign luccini

    Skip bayless and the other girl looked scared of that guerilla!! Haha

  • County Of Kings

    u know 50 has knowledge of the questions that will be asked. and of course he wanted the mayweather question cuz its controversy. u guys mistake it for being real. i can say the devil is my king, some will say i’m real, some will say i’m just being controversial either way they talkin bout me.

  • Kdot

    ^then you go a weak ass King……Jesus is Lord

  • cj

    i work at espn i met him today and got his autograph.ended up meeting vernon davis too. shit was too dope.

  • eastpointvet

    50 always gives good interviews if you like him or not. Anyone who has watched his career knows that Floyd fights for financial gain so i dont know why people acting like he let the cat out of the bag or is not a good friend because he said this. Even as his friend and to know he has a gift im sure he wanted him to beat down Pac just like every other fan. but what he said makes sense Floyd shouldnt be worried about what the other fighter makes especially when he would have walked away with over 100 million for that fight.

  • boomc

    yall niggas trippin. yall forget how Floyd straight FLAMED 50 on instagram couple of months ago?!?!

    50 could say whatever he can but Floyd absolutely KO’d 50 in that mud-slingin fight with those instagram pics! (n im a huge 50 fan for the record)

  • Fresh

    how can you fuckers say that fifty is irrelevant or fifty is taking l’s ??? i see him on blogs way more than i see any MMG artist right now.

  • the One

    Glad he told the truth about Floyd’s talent as he really would have been lying if he had said anything different. Any One who knows anything about boxing damn well knows Floyd would have beat manny very easily.

  • I dont know whether to laugh at or feel bad for the person who posted as me at Thursday, February 28 2013 at 1:59 PM EST.

    Good interview as usual from 50… we receiving the *We Up* track very well down here in South Africa.

    lol at HJOOD … its a sports show you fuckin idiot, you can hate better than that so pls try harder.

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