Kanye West Rant In Amsterdam

Same ol’ shit, different city. This evening, Kanye brought his rant over to Amsterdam’s Heineken Music Hall this time focusing on lack of creativity and also targets those muthafuckin’ brands, brands.


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  • Kanye West is talking to his fans and his fans only. We live in technology age where these shows end up on internet but it is really all irrelevant to post. We wouldn’t even know if this was before technology age. Obviously his fans cheer. anywho subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/sturkmusic

  • Peekay

    Good but apart from looking at Kim, I despise the Kardashian brand.

  • brza


  • fh

    Is this guy on his period

  • Stunner

    Wow the first commenter actually understands.

    Unlike the idiots who post these as “rants”


    Kanye west (pre kardashian) > than new yeezy. I just can’t get on board with that fake shit. I hope humphries takes that bitch for everything she has.

  • Yup !


  • ness

    what a phony always shouting out brands in his rhymes prada,gucci ferrari.

  • Black Shady

    ^^ this

    and saying he’s “only talking to his fans” OH PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!!! yall know damn well he’s conscious about his fame and all..and that ANYTHING he says gonna make the headlines.

  • Dub town

    White people love when this jiggaboo does this fuckeery.black people n

  • Devante

    Fuk this gay nigga who cares

  • The King

    “They told my momma I was bipolar had A.D.D” – Dream-Killers. Its evident that this man needs serious counseling. All jokes aside.

    ~The only way to peep a fool is let him show his hand~
    The King

  • sheesh

    sure hes talking to his fans, BUT i agree with the person up top who commented about Ye being fully conscious about what he’s doing and that fact he knows his rants will hit the net, and further keep his name in the headlines. yall talk shit about Chris brown , but Ye is no different than him

  • Real Talk

    You people talk shit about Kanye now but as soon as he releases some old bullshit song with an 808 drum you will forget all about his antics and call him a “musical genius” again. LOL! Kanye is a true attention seeker or he truly needs to counseling.

  • missedgyc



  • R

    Kanye just realized he’s a prostitute for corporations the same way his used up Hoe is!

  • Tec1Nyc

    I despise grown men with wealth saying ”it ain’t all about the money, fuck the politics”. I’m sure you were saying that in Chi-town when you was broke in your mamas basement. In the past decade, K.West hasn’t aged once or matured for that matter. Next week everyone gonna say ”he keep it real. He’s a musical genius!”

  • Tec1Nyc

    ”Is this what success all about.. a bunch of niggas acting like bitches with big mouths”

  • Devastation Inc.

    So apparently this is apart of the show.
    He just needs to say” Hello out there, I’m
    Kanye West from Good Music, and this is the Truth.”

  • Devastation Inc.

    * a part of the show

  • JC

    Kanye is slowly going crazy. But its the media and public that drives him like this, the more attention people give him the more wild he will be.

    But check out my boy and like/ comment / suscribe

  • Young Alfie y’all ! http://bit.ly/V2GFNa

  • TK

    Everyone here is full of shit. it’s his show if he wants to sing random shit let the man sing random shit. and everybody need to get of his dick you know your gonna preorder his next album probably DELUXE VERSION or buy the next air yeezy that will come out your ass will be camping out there in front of the shoestore! you’re making me laugh with the shit’s up in here.. we all know kanye will be remembered as the biggest musician of our generation. he’s a gamechanger he is everything your favourite artist wants to be. hate to love him and love to be him. G.O.O.D bye fuckboys!

  • D-8

    D-8 | Frank (Prod. By Dion Bennett)

  • Wiser


  • why would anyone watch this..cant even hear anything hes saying