Lupe Fiasco Rant At The Fillmore In MD

Lupe catered to a D.M.V. crowd at The Fillmore in Silver Spring last night. In typical fashion form, he got a few things off his chest from radio to politics. Hopefully, WPGC didn’t take offense.


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  • Kendrick is so so Dopeee keep ding your thinggg winnninnngggggg haterz

  • Sheeeeit

    Not as cool as Kanye… not as creative as Kanye… music’s not as good as Kanye’s… not as eloquent as Kanye… not as successful as Kanye… not as credible as Kanye… not as interesting as Kanye…

    And yet this arrogant douche was still enough of a pretentious bitch that he went out there and tried to pull a Kanye. STFU forever, Lupe.

  • Sheeeeit

    Love lupe tho

  • Foreign

    I love kendrick this was dope<3

  • Yeah

    I can’t help but see the parallels between Lupe & ‘Ye…
    but Food & Liquor 2 > Good Music & WTT

  • D’on

    ^get off kendricks ears ^ this is lupe nigga?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Stop talkin about kanye he’s gay you know ? Well bi

  • He’ll

    Lmao @ [email protected]’s terrible trolling. Dude posted 3 of the first 4 comments and thought the vid was about something else entirely smh nigga u put a heart in one of those weirdo

  • He’ll

    @foreign what the hell yo

  • He’ll

    And now he’s trying to troll under MY handle… Dude you’re pretty pathetic, u know that, right?

  • He’ll

    Kendrick and kanye G.O.A.T troll

  • He’ll

    And now you’re not even making sense. Okay then. Have fun, freak.

    (All comments beyond this point are from [email protected])

  • Wezzy

    Lupe doing some ye shit whats up with these rappers

  • @he’ll yeah


    this is much better than a kanye rant end of the day lupe is one of the realest in the game and ignorant people jus tryin to shut down his message all kanye did was cry about his broken heart over jay and justins new friendship the grammy and them scream like the nigga had stomach cramp he need to go drown his sorrows in kim’s tainted pussy flaps

  • herohiro

    whats with the chi and all these rants

  • Def

    Real art starts shit. Fake artists follow.

  • loki

    Y’all acting like Lupe doesn’t do this sort of thing all the time. It is just posted because Ye did his thing. I think they forget they are only to entertain us, dancing and singing because that’s all artists are good for.

  • Kaly

    yeah i feel like everyone’s forgetting the rant lupe had that got him kicked off at the inaugural ball or wherever it was after Obama got re-elected….that would make him the precursor to ye’s rants, no?



  • bitchmade


    lol i think u forgot how kanye wasn’t signed yet and he ranted already at labels for not signing him
    and that his first public rants go back years ago

  • CRS Rant

    Kanye rant, Lupe rant. Lets get a Pharrel rant; then maybe we can get a CRS album

  • @ kaly

    Nope; Ye went on a few rants at his shows last year (and as somebody else mentioned, throughout his career), and Lupe didn’t get kicked out of the Inaugural shit for a rant, he got kicked out for playing the same song for 45 minutes straight.

    This is just some copycat shit.

  • The person that said CRS comment. thts hilarious
    but b hayes the pimp gets the last laugh

  • Killa

    I went to a lupe concert last year and he went off on a rant. It’s a completely different topic. Kanye is crying about himself, trying to make people feel sorry for him. Lupe is speaking on a subject that affects society, not just musicians.

  • Riley


  • Some Random Guy

    Can’t even hear his rant. Bitch with the camera keeps screaming every three words…. smh

  • koa29

    Why are people sayin Lupe is tryna be like Kanye ? I’m sorry, but Lupe did this rant at concerts shits way before these couple rants Kanye been doing.

  • King

    ^ who cares he’s still a faggy bitch

  • Loaded

    Fuck You Lupe

  • bitchmade

    omg y’all fuckin stupid kanye been ranting since like fuckin graduation and 808s shit ain’t new for kanye


  • Balla

    Are yall niggas really arguing over who started ranting at concerts first?

  • tjp


    Lupe would destroy Kanye lyrically with ease, I’m a big fan of Kanye’s work but he wouldn’t touch Lupe lyrically ever, think before you post next time.

    Kanye has never made a Dumb It Down, The Coolest or Form Follows Function type track because it’s not possible for him to get to that level lyrically.

    He’s a great musician, but as a lyricist he’d get washed away by Lupe.

  • Whois_thatnigga_onthat_NAG

    Hardly a rant

  • cory

    dude i fuckin love kendrick!

  • @ tho

    “Lyrically” doesn’t matter much when they’re just talking, does it?

  • YEAH!!!

    Yall niggas stupid. How the fuck is he copying Kanye? Artists have been ranting on stage for decades, you dumb no-knowledge-having idiots.

    And how is it soooo creative and innovative to talk on a fucking stage? You dummies think ANYTHING is creative.

    Oh and at least Lupe talked about something sensible. This nigga actually puts in work to make the world a better place while Kanye is crying about nobody noticing him being an attention whore. Foh.