• crysis

    big homie do you realize no one cares about the ice cream face guy quit posting his BS.

  • Fuck a Fuck nigga

    Fuck you^ Gucci mane stays putting out the best trap music

  • yall sleepin on gucci’s place in music? after all this time, still?…

  • shoulda brought back Future or jus named it different. he trippin faa tht
    i swear this nigga n Curren$y cant keep up wit they verses though, all the music they drop

  • boomc

    damn, even tho these guys suck, Gucci makes a good exec as far as putting people on (OJ, Waka, Scooter) as opposed to Jeezy who had an artist like Gibbs (that can out-rap the whole Bricksquad) n went no where

  • Fuck a Fuck nigga

    Itsss guwop, word this nigga is to ill

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    Count up!!!
    Not your best lyricists. But they are some of the best trap rappers. Just perfect for my trap collection

  • IIG

    I’m a big Gucci fan and Scooter is good, but this mixtape is sloppy. It sounds like some of it was throwaway tracks that didn’t make other tapes. There’s a couple old songs from other tapes too, which I always hate. But for being free, I guess it’s okay.

  • Fatt1017

    True Gucci Is Da Trap God Fa A Reason

  • Fatt1017

    trap god

  • Fuck a Fuck nigga

    This mixtape ain’t that great lol after I gave it a second listen trap God two was sick doee

  • The Wise

    like both artists but this tape wasnt great

  • ok mixtape