New Video: Consequence “Black Actors”

Poppa knows best. And thanks to Cons, his son Caiden gets schooled to a few most recognizable accomplishments in Black Hollywood for his

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  • KaRon

    Cons teeth make me lol

  • wow

    this dude is milking L&HH ….kudos to him … nice vid and concept

  • King Game

    Milking key word

  • coolhaitian305

    the TEEF !smh that nigga need a teef REDUCTION!! LMFAO

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  • BxWavy

    i could honestly say this is very inspirational, his character been kinda clownish bringing up kanye and kim complaining on bout ye, on the real this is dope! big ups to cons

  • D Twice

    Hope he get that baby some braces before its too late.

  • the One

    Dude shave your fucking vaneers down man!! I cant take this man seriously with those teeth! Also widen up your shoulders dude you look like a bobble head! smfh

  • Set303

    Don’t Quit Your Day Job was a great album.
    With that said this man was to G.O.O.D. Music as Game was to G-Unit. Fucked up your situation by biting the hand that fed you. Only difference is that Game was talented enough to float on his own and make some good albums. This guy not so much.

  • Balla

    This nigga never got his mouth fully closed. I bet he can bite into an apple without fully opening his mouth