50 Cent Open For G-Unit Reunion

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In previous interviews, Curtis said a G-Unit reunion was unlikely. But during his First Take taping yesterday, he sat with ESPN and says he considers linking back with Banks and Yayo.

What about a reunion of G-Unit? 

The original G-Unit, maybe. We might do something. I’ll be honest with you. Some of these new artists on the label I don’t think are working as hard as they could. I don’t know how hard they want to work or how much they want it. I could see the original coming back together though.


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    oh ok

  • Sorry Game.

  • Safe Dwade


  • poetic assasin

    Acting like Game with the back and forth, make up your mind.

  • Jay-T

    Take out yayo lame ass and put buck & game in!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Niiccee !!! Banks, Yayo, FIF back together on stage.

  • Johnson

    Eventually it will happen. Everyone keeps talking about it and asking him and his seen the amount of interest. Can’t wait.

  • JustMyOpinion

    “I don’t think [they’re] working as hard as they could”

    ^ anyone else read that as NOT believing in his new artist?

  • honestly

    Dude is so lame.
    how people take seriously hip hop with clowns like this dude pffff

  • Yayo was the weakest member..

  • True life

    Banks 50 and game should be the g-unit. The only 3 members who ever actually made any good music. Even if their music right now isn’t as good as their music was.

  • PistolPistol


  • The first G- Unit album is classic

  • Fresh

    G unit reunion between Fifty Banks and Yayo would be great, BUT if fifty wants to actually receive some buzz , then he should take back Buck and Game. Cmon, Beef between Game and Fifty is one of the biggest beefs in the last 10 years. i actually it was the biggest beef in the last 10 years. Reuniting with Game and Buck would def get Media attention. But i am pretty sure that even if Reunion happened, it wouldn’t last long. I mean cmon, everybody knows how Game is.

  • Exile

    Banks first LP was fire @True life I’m surprised you didn’t like it


    50 must be a stupid mothafucka to really think joining with Banks & Yayo is gonna help gain a buzz. there is no interest with those two bums, either bring back Young Buck & Game with the group or just forget about it. that last G-Unit album was pure garbage just off the fact they left Young Buck out of it. nobody care’s about a reunion with Banks & Yayo, it’s the truth.

  • The Nigga You Love To Hate

    lol @ people who keep sayin reunion tho…the 3 core members are gonna always be the group
    g-unit based on loyalty and street reality and growing up with each other…the shit will happen eventually..as soon as fif give us a fuckin release date for s.k.i. and banks starts puttin out quality visuals..

  • Oj da Cornball

    I like that. Note the ORIGINAL G-Unit, meaning Yayo, Banks and 50. Heck Bang Em Smurf may be invited before Game, Buck possibly. but Smurf has Coke tatted on his face now. SMH. lol

    Spit in Game face to let him know his place.

  • Edwarddj

    Bi-polaritus is contagious

  • 1Hunnid Grand

    Fif know the laws of power..”Never outshine the master”..in turn, he don’t want them to outshine him..cuz he knows that if Buck n Game came back with the “interscope machine” pushin em…they would sell more and shine brighter..thus “outshining the master”
    Although he’ll reap the financial rewards..
    That’s just how I see it

  • Me

    Someone tell Bank$ don’t do it, he’ll be better off joining Slaughterhouse then getting back with these 2 NON rapping, Beef attracting, backstabbing individuals #Suicide

  • County Of Kings

    damn now this nigga dissin his own artists?
    so no one cares about his beefs wit others so now he throws his own artist under the bus

    50 cent gonna be the first rapper do have beef with himself.

  • headedhard

    Only if Buck and Game are included.

  • Evil

    If you gonna bring back g unit then everybody should be there,including Buck and Game,thats what people wanna see.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Buck & Game aren’t the original G-UNIT. Its Banks, Yayo, FIF.

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    Looking for attention again i see. Anything for a little bit of buzz right? His album is dropping the same day as detox. Just retire 50 and do what you do best now which is business.

  • Exile

    It doesn’t make sense to not bring them all back That was a super group that had all regions covered. It would be popular not to include all members. I do understand why that would never happen. No G-unit reunion is better than having a half asses one

  • Exile

    It wouldn’t be popular

  • What’s a Gunit reunion without Game and Buck?

  • Windycityg72

    Well its true, Not gonna get anywhere with Kidd Kidd, just drop some new heat on some dope beats with yayo and banks. SIDENOTE I bet u 50 is saying this now because first off kidd kidd aint working, he should take him off that k. dot track. 2nd banks got a lot of material he been working on, he has been hiatus for a while now so u know he was working, and i bet 50 heard some of it and likes what banks came up with and is ready to go in with him again, idk who knows. Get em FIF

  • Honestly

    Banks is dope and wit time he’s gonna get u a hit, yayo I’m sry he gotta step his pen game up . And yea it’s kinda boring without buck n game. They should hav a sit down hash out the bs then hit the studio.

  • honestly

    Gunit = gay unit

  • Fresh

    @ Exile. pull your head out of your ass. It does make sense for fif not to bring the Unit together. well basically not to bring game and buck in. its RISKY !



  • Devante


    You really think Insterscope can revive Young Bucks career?

  • But at thi point whos more relevant game or 50..i dont think 50 would want game back cuz he cant control game like he does his daughters banks and yayo..

  • LOL who is 50 fooling?I don’t how you gonna reunite w/ ppl signed to your label.I don’t buy the inner G Unit beef.I think their using that to return IMO.I thought he was talking about Game and Banks
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle: http://youtu.be/TMmOpNbb2J8

  • mac DIESEL



  • Rick Ross Tittie

    Gunit reunion with banks & yayo HAHAHAHA. dont nobody give a fuck bout that. 50 takes another lose after that failed kiss on espn fucking dumb nigguh . Team Ricky Rozay all day.

  • Response

    G-Unit harlem shake?!!!

  • Fuck u @ Mac diesel! This shit ain’t going no where without Game. U dont know shit

  • mac DIESEL


    …….MY #1 STAN!!!! GOD BLESS YA!!!!


  • MikeWillMadeIt

    People should go back to Eminem’s album listen to “Stan” and find out what a real “Stan” is. All these ignorant blog monkeys don’t understand what one is.

    If you get offended by my comments then that’s your problem. If you get offended then there’s truth behind it.

  • Jerzzz

    Original, as in Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent….GGG-G-Unit!!!
    That would be dope.
    Either you niggas got the memory of a goldfish or y’all just some little ass kids but G-Unit went hard.
    Every single G-Unit Radio mixtape is crazy.
    Man you new niggas have no clue what y’all missed out, and im talking the era in general.

  • dave

    dont forget to bring back Olivia

  • Foreign luccini

    Don’t forget Mazarati fox hahhaha


    No Game and Buck….who cares?

  • Exile

    @Fresh I understand there is bad blood between Game and fif,but they (G-Unit) have fans in every region if the Unit comes back with only the original members how is the South and West going to feel? Not sure how many fans outside the Metropolitan area will pay to see then three. They will be disappointed if Fif didn’t bring the entire Unit back.You would have every market covered. That’s why I said its better not to return if your not going to do it all the way. (head never in my ass bruh)

  • e-PiLL

    50 became supper Jelious of Game

  • Adee

    I think if banks, yayo and fif get back together they will be power house against YMCMB….i like!

  • the truth

    yall niggas are gay and so emotional like girls. i love g unit and if they get back together then its ok ill be happy and if they didnt so what?? fuck em all at the end of the day they dont give a fuck about us

  • 85

    Reunion or not, we want some hot G-Unit tracks … aaaaight !?

  • Tef

    I can’t see this working. Fif is so far out of their tax bracke now. Nigga money too long to even relate to these niggaz on a group mentality anymore.


    April Fools is in April, not in March. You guys are too early!

  • When you talk about the original G Unit u tawk bwt fif,banks n yayo or even bang em smurf n domination.Game n Buck arent th original members just talk bwt G unit records reunion then add both their asses