French Montana Fans Shot At In Philly

So much for Brotherly Love. According to Fox News, two people were injured and one died last night in a drive-by shooting following French Montana’s concert at the Theatre of Arts in Philadelphia.

Police say the shooter(s) opened fire at a crowd of fans loitering in front of French’s tour bus as he and his entourage checked into a local hotel. Three people are currently in custody.

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  • Pizzle

    Download my shit for free!!

  • Slim Baller

    Smh Philly. These streets

  • TrufHop

    Damn MMG stay losing, even affiliates

  • Fresh

    French, you need to stop raping .

  • Fresh

    i mean rapping.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    That’s how you end BHM. With a drive by after a rap concert… classic

  • matrix

    Damn niggz cant do a show without some shit goin down now huh…Sheeesh…wonder if they knew the one who got bodied…

  • Peekay

    Why would you advertise your tour bus?!?!?! Not even rockers do that. You’re giving people (fans, foes, police) a reason to target you. Not smart & sad.

  • Devante

    I think French should take care of those Funeral and medical expensive of those people..

  • Black Shady

    shit is real out there

  • Philly man, people need to chill

  • Willie Lynch

    You monkeys are doing a great job! Keep up the good work! Rap music has been the best slavery tool since the Trans Atlantic Trade. I’m so amazed at how effective it is. You monkeys will be extinct 2 generations from now. We already stopped you monkeys from reproducing thanks to homosexuality & self hate. SWAG IS THE NEW FAG! 2 THUMBS UP MONKEYS

  • Wall


  • acb

    Peekay are a damn lair, very artist that is not broke and has a budget has advertisement their tour bus even rock bands from the 70s onwards. go sit down somewhere . v why should he? i think the people that shot at them should

  • Rick

    All that money and French it’s staying at a holiday Inn express?

  • Rick

    Is staying*

  • Chubby

    Exactly… @rick …. all that “Money” and he is staying in a damn Holiday Inn Express??? smh… in the hood of Philly at that??? no way in hell.

  • gammaboi

    I know Freaks is terrible but goddamn…

  • Kemosabi

    Don’t stay at a holiday inn if you got racks for starters. And I agree w @peekay don’t put you’re mug on a bus that’s gonna sit outside a hotel… In Philly of all places. Not condoning, just saying there’s obvious measures that could be taken. Oh and the most important… Get the fuck off Instagram. That shit is a heat bag! Why would u want ppl to know where you’re at all the time?

  • df


  • Facts

    Officer Ricky might really need a hundred coffins for all his affiliates and himself. GDFOLKZ

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    ” Holiday Inn Express”…This dude signed a joint venture with Bad Boy & MMG. Thats crazy meanwhile William L. Roberts has NYPD watching his back at some nice luxury hotel in NYC.

  • Peekay

    acb, you came close to a coherent response.

  • idoesthis

    shit is wild smh…. was on worldstar lookin at this though…

  • Johnson

    Those GD’s did say we coming for anyone associated with MMG and William Roberts.

  • honestly

    Hox can people take hip hop seriosly with all this shit going on pfffff

  • The Nigga You Love To Hate

    HA The Untouchable Huh!! Ya Niggas Street Cred Is 0 Below !!!! Hey Frenchy! Where Was Meek When You Needed Him The Most Ha!

  • vinfromtheville

    Read the official report, one of French niggas chopped backed, Swiss cheesed the drive by vehicle nd sent one of em to the spital watch that boy snitch we’ll kno who behind this shit n a sec

  • R

    Fake rappers fake stories we had 15 cent who wasn’t shot 9 times you have officer Ricky who was shot at mad times and missed gunplay fake robbery video now the NonFrenchman Arab wants to fake his shit for his album that will Flop Thirsty Mothafukas !!!!!

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  • Meyer Gotti

    @vinfromtheville Link??

  • real hiphop

    SWAG IS THE NEW FAG! ——-im ol skool …we playas

  • Johnson

    Anyone know why he was staying in a Holiday Inn. I thought he was worth millions.

  • phillyway 215

    columbus blvd aint the hood.. thats a very active strip these young niggas got balls guess meek aint give this dude the memo bad look for my city tho

  • County Of Kings

    yall niggas funny. a nigga is cheap and saves his money yall clown him.

    if he woulda stayed at the waldorf and went broke by the end of the year, yall woulda clowned him.

    aint no winning wit yall niggas i see. some of my best nights have been at the holiday inn my nigga

  • Da Truthhhhh

    Its how you get into the rap game, Karma

  • Wow crazy

  • JC

    French Montana is still a beast though.

    but check out my boy

  • Dlove

    Philly knows that real shit. Fuck that bullshit Montana dude

  • Jacob

    There’s no GD’s out here philly…they would get ran out..the whole city is behind meek heavy trust me

  • mac DIESEL

    “French Montana is the next Ja Rule!” – 50 Cent




  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @County Of Kings. You on that MMG payroll. Hope they arent paying you in a chicken wings and bake beans from wing stop?

  • chillthrill

    at least they busted back,,,hopefully one of them faggots got hit,,,, then they ass can got to jail,,,,fucking assholes,,,,hiphop cant survive with niggas doing this fuck boi shit,,,,,,i dont fuck with french,,,,,but this is still hiphop,,,gotta preserve it some how,,,,,these short bus niggas believe everything these wack rappers say,,so they wanna play,,,to see who’s realer,,,when them things fly, its a whole lot a of slow singing and flower bringing,,,,,this gangsta rap shit is the worst thing to happen to hiphop,,,,,got a bitch nigga with a gun and some bars,,,,then its all in,,,,niggas say whatever
    not thinking,,they are breeding a degenerative generation of losers,,,,souped up off,,,a fuck nigga song,,,pssss! ALL PRAISES DUE TO THE MAKER OWNER CREATOR OF THE PLANET EARTH,SUN MOON AND THE STARS,,,FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO,,,PEACE

  • acidrap

    good.If your stupid enough to like french, you need to killyoself anyways.

  • KaRon

    Damn philly

  • fh

    Lock up all the thugs now

  • you get shot my nigga?

    no, but i did stay at a holiday inn express last nite

  • damn, can’t believe this senseless violence

  • Ryan

    Serves em right for bein fans of that wack no talent havin hack. Should have been his bitch ass. Faggot does nothing for the culture or his people for that matter.

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  • D-8

    D-8 | Frank (Prod. By Dion Bennett)

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  • Breezy

    I have never heard of the group .what is the fascination with hardcore core at violence.Wtf.

  • Breezy

    Hard-core rap

  • Breezy

    Hard-core rap.

  • damn…..holy shiiiit

  • crazy