Cant wait for flexes ape

  • the lineup on this tape is crazy…cant beleive flex is puttin out a new project its been so long…CANT WAIT

    need beats?


  • DROP DA BOMB!!!!!!!

    CUT DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!

  • simba

    this nigga lookin jail swole



  • Rihanna

    Chris has great beats

  • Amoney

    “ha-ha-ha-ha-ha” shot fired at Drake

  • G

    SOMEBODYS GONNA LIKE THIS SONG, and most likely teenage girls, betwwen ages 14-18
    which means it gonna get alot of downloads, and spins.

  • Miguel ,the weeknd ,and frank ocean made this niga change genres for good..smh
    And we always thought chris was so talented but he has really lost it

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  • Hol’Up

    Nigga forgot how to sing

  • dave

    [email protected] the two comments above

    this nigga is scared to sing now.the new generation rnb guys are so much more raw and edgier with their lyrics that he cant compete.

  • Realnigga

    Y’all pussys know Brezzy been rappin’ so shut the fuck up. Bunch of clown ass on this site. All y’all do is hating.

  • Craddyshaq

    Please people, listen to his last album, he raps twice over 18 songs.. His FAME album, which sold over 500,000 the first week had “Look At Me Now” on it, the rest was singing, that was over 2 years ago, he then put out an entire rap mixtape.. He didn’t lose it, he’s growing as an artist and expanding his genre, respect it, don’t hate.. You do realize trey does the same damn thing.. Thing is, breezy is better than half these whack ass rappers

  • CL

    LOL i love how chris and rihanna just recently discovered weed lol….coool story bros…

    this song kinda remind me of some yg/dj mustard shit

  • phil


  • Ronnie Mack JR

    Only listened maybe five seconds. Just garbage. SMH

  • Beaming

    Lol ” @realnigga ” likes to hear Chris brown rap…… I’m done!!!….. Lmao

  • Travis

    Gotta see where this tape is going….. This tape shoulda had a #denzilporter appearance I’m just saying flex from the Bronx why not get one of the hottest up & coming artist out….. This breezy track is weak sauce

  • JB

    Aye this shit go kinda hard actually! Def gonna be a club banger.

  • acidrap

    chris brown is THE definitive weak ass nigga.

  • mike


  • may weather

    hating is a job all these guys are highly employed

  • LuxuryRap

    Lmao @ beaming

  • khujojacken

    Not my kind of style and sound!