New Music: KiD CuDi “Immortal”


Produced by himself, CuDi unleashes his powers on his everlasting track from his forthcoming, Indicud. Sounds like he’s got his mojo back. Album drops April 23.

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  • Fuck a Fuck nigga

    Dope this guy the best artist out there

  • Gary Paulson


  • mustafa

    Cudi is so far ahead of these “rappers” its not even fair. dude is slowly transcending into that Kanye MBDTF level, he’s Ye’s real protege. big who?

  • It’s the roc

    I like it I guess. I’m supposed to right? I feel like u have to take a class or drink some koolaid to really appreciate cudi’s music

  • edi

    drake stopped copying cudi

  • Aggie Pride

    I see angels coming down from heaven its beautiful.

  • M.T

    dope! cudi’s back.

  • Cudderland!!

    Fukin DOPE!!.
    Indicud is lookin geat so farr, so if this is Cudi’s direction of Dre’s Chronic, he could be channeling Xplosive on this one. He shouldn’t compare to Dre’s album tho.

  • ECU

    CuDi really came through with this one. rite when i was gonnna go to sleep.

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    So is this guy singing or what? Doesnt this make him an r&b artist? No? Why not?
    This was alright. Nothing that has replay value.

  • Balla

    This is aight. I wish Cud would get back to his A Kid Named Cudi shit

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    thank god this nigga got off his gay rock shit and came back to the realness, now i can finally be a cudi fan again shit

  • Doug Ioviine

    I don’t get this shit.. What’s so good about this guy? Seriously? Raps are sub par.. Can’t sing..flow is sloppy. Don’t know one real nigga who listens to this hipster bull shit. And Jimmy is my brother

  • Evil

    Not rap music.

  • DeezNuts

    Cudder is dope.


    man, it is a good song, but i was expecting something more. specifically, rapping. it is cool for it is, but its not hip hop. its just a dude singing over a nice beat for 5 minutes.

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  • David


  • logan

    cudi is so amazing omg! its not enough words to explain his dopeness. im not gay but if i was cudi would be my boo. hes the perfect human being. king cudi bitches!

  • Heat with that 30 call me D-Wade!!

    This is some BULLSHIT and ya’ll Kid Cudi stans are too afraid to admit it…Ya’ll just love the fact he dropped music after not putting anything out for so long.

    I’m not feeling this at all…Kid Cudi doesn’t have that spark anymore

  • Genesis

    Pure genius…..

  • Pizzle

    Cudi back in the zone it seems!!

    Free download my latest prjoect!!!

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Wait, I thought Kid Cudi was a rapper? Seems like every song I hear, is him crooning over the beat.

    I did like the beat and hook though.

  • Timmy D

    Dope, indicud is going to be a mixture of all three of his albums and kid cudi is more than a rapper he’s a musician

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  • Chronic

    Alright, so I hated it until about halfway through the second verse, then I started feelin it. Still it’s nothing special. That song he came back to rap with “Dennis hook me up with some more of that whiskey” is better than anything I’ve heard off the album yet.

  • JassåFromSweden

    This is awful, this dude cant sing.

  • O v O

    Shit dope

  • d’evill

    My favourite artist

  • boss don

    boss shit



  • eve

    I never understood the hype about guy, but I guess hes okay cuz theres some emotion in there

  • The Black Skip Bayless

    pretty dope looking forward to the album

  • Balla

    @logan nigga you gay *Riley voice*

  • HK

    Dope artist. Not a fan of the singin’…especially not an entire song. Too emo.

  • New Fan

    I never really fucked with Cudi, but this right here is my shit

  • tc

    What is this bullshit

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