New Video: Big Boi “Apple Of My Eye”

Backed by Jake Troth and Epic Meal Time, Big Boi gets down and puts on a free show in support of his Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors. Album is on iTunes now.

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  • Nein6x

    Big Boi can never fail. good shit

  • JustMyOpinion

    Great song on a great album.

  • MJ

    Big Boi’s entire solo video budget to date=$50
    Good album though.

  • Damon gem

    Rock Star For real Dude be Killing Shit !!! Album is the truth Salute

  • chan

    Great album! Really underrated I like how he is mixing new sounds with old soulfoul funky sounds. One of the best albums of last year probs best album from the south last year

  • the brain trust

    Oh Shit!

    Someone told me this album was crap, so I became hesitant about downloading it.

    But can a bad album really have two awesome songs? (Mama Told Me & now, this)

    Fuck it! Downloading now.

  • Gary Paulson

    Dope ! Hopefully he can sell 3 more copies this week !!

  • brza

    I really slept on this album. Just finished listening to it. Dope.

  • The Wise

    its a great album deffinetly a diffrent sounnd people slept on but it was dope

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  • It’s the roc

    Great album, great song, cool video. If weezy had made this song it would be all over radio

  • JB

    Talk about slept on. smh This album was top 5 last year!

  • Ya Boy G

    Album was so slept on. That Thom Pettie featuring Big Mike goes in, its the background song at then end. IK people keep asking for it but listening to that album 3 stacks and big boi need to do it again. The People Want It ! #BigBoiWinning #BoiStooooop

  • matrix

    Glad to see im not the only nigg who was feeling this album…Chuuuch!!!