New Video: Nelly “Hey Porsche”

Hey you, Nelly’s got a new video for his single inspired by Porsche Automobil. If this is the direction of his upcoming album M.O. then let us off at the next exit. We’ll walk from here.

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  • rahrahrah

    Of course you’re counted out. It’s mainstream music for girls probably.

  • damn

    nelly beiber

  • Balla

    lmao, this is a desperate attempt at trying to remain relevant

  • JC

    Nelly still makes music? Thats crazy
    but check out my boy

  • gee styles
  • really 23

    How y’all post his music and bash it simultaneously???

  • Devante

    Wft was that? Country, Rap, Rock or Pop?

  • Dashing

    @really23, They’ve got to post it because it’s a major artist that at one point was selling more than everybody (Country Grammar went diamond, DIAMOND!). That doesn’t mean they gotta co-sign it though.

  • Black Shady


  • New music Eminem featuring joeyba$$ Ab-soul Kendrick Lamar & Lil B

  • Cole World

    WTF is this

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Stick to the Bobcats and Apple Bottom Jeans.

  • TheTruth

    No child not today.

  • Johnson

    To be honest i would rather listen to stuff like this over some of these studio gangsters who are even more corny

  • Jav

    This song is lame but it’s a feel good sound. It’s actually number 40 on the billboard hot 100.

  • dsunn723

    wasting good money like that. smh

  • skrillz

    Nelly’s trying to make that FloRida/Pitbull type paper…and he’ll prob give himself some longevity doing it…probably seems like a sell out move, but in reality, Nelly kinda always had songs like this through his career…it’s just he focused more on the hard stuff early on and he had classic ‘hard’ records (EI, Country Grammer, etc.) but he also had a heavy rotation of corny shit early on too (that shit with Kelly Rowland). It is what it is…the rap biz

  • mwn

    Nelly is making good music this shit is gonna say if you dont like it you dont but its good music

  • mwn

    Nelly is making good music this shit is gonna sell if you dont like it you dont but its good music

  • Evil

    god how corny Nelly has become.That song is trash,fuck that shit.
    Fuckin pop music,doesnt belong on this site.Take it down.

  • brza


  • onenutned

    tryna get hsi lane back but Flo-rida took that wave and ran wit’ it

  • Balla

    This is pretty sad lol


    Haha. Nobody will admit they like the song but watch it creep up the charts and sell well. Nelly know what he’s doing. What was his last pop song that did really well? That shit was every where.

  • keep it Real

    Donkey of The Day or The Truth: When Rappers know their career is over? Either one works… Smh

  • Response

    check this out
    nelly harlem shaking?


  • fh

    Hot song fuc the haters

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Nelly took the band-aid off and lost his super powers or some shit

  • simba

    yeah, Nelly has always made pop records. nothing new here. this is obviously a desperate attempt though. Couldn’t get over the fact that he was wearing a du-rag in a pop music video. yeah

  • HB

    Nelly should have been done this in 2008, he wouldve truely been BACK, not a terrible song though, feel good track, Timberlake reclaimed his throne ( from Beiber) but its gonna be hard for Nelly to outdo Flo rida at this point

  • Original Ty

    @ B Dot I actually laughed out loud at that caption

  • rahrahrah

    Everyone laughed when Cassidy got a check from the condom company for his song. You all are going to laugh when Porsche cuts him a check to use this song. Ya’ll not doing the science to this. Ya’ll ain’t paying his bills, so he’s not making music for ya’ll.

  • MrWIlliams

    I wish I had more than two thumbs so I could give this more than two thumbs down.

  • Capricorn Religion

    I mean. . . . . . . . .

    Well at least he. . . . . .

    Okay but, its only a single so. . . . . . . Eh

    Fuck it. I already have some Nelly classics in the Pod already. I’ll let his fans explain this one

    I’m still dealing with “Recovery” and “Relapse” hate and trying to explain that to outsiders and Hardcore fans

    THIS. Is not my problem

  • Rick Ross Tittie

    What the fuck is this shit & why is it posted on here

  • Ridalen


  • Foreign luccini

    If aint foreign it’s boring!!!! Get that Suberin money

  • Newyorican

    The man is singing now? Hey I can’t hate him for doing what he likes but dam…