• onenutned

    met the homy at pin-ups in Decatur..he was super cool.

  • The Wise

    NOW THATS WTF IM TALKING BOUT…GODD OL PROJECT PAT GETTING DOWN AN GLAD TO SEE THE Diffrent races represenin for project..this is a what hip hop needs more southern performers in the east!!!!!

  • AY

    Yall aint posting that new G.O.O.D. Music Ryan McDermott x Hit-Boy???? shit flames.

  • acidrap

    Pat the real deal. All these weak ass niggas out here imitate and pretend to be what he is. Fag ass radio niggas. Pat got so many classics songs mane, its stupid.

  • dave

    yeah i was just bumpin that ” raised in the projects ” joint by him. hope this guy could have a revival like juicy j

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