50 Cent Walks Billy Dib To The Ring

Before 50’s protege fighter Billy Dib went head-to-toe with Evgeny Gradovich last night, Fif walked him to the ring performing “New Day”. When it was all said and done, it was a split-decision loss for Dib. Rematch.

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  • I was more interested in that bish Jessica Weisblatt who came up on the screen at the end! Lol.

  • 50cent ‏@50cent Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.

    ^^^^fucked her ALREADY

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  • It’s the roc

    Lol, what kind of video is this?? I guess the weekends are slow enough where you guys were like fuck it, put it up.

    And all the live footage I’ve seen of Fif lately blows.

  • Slim Baller

    Well, you can’t get much more irrelevant than 50 Cent

  • Slim Baller

    Unless you’re jay z, and no I’m not bashing their skills and impact on the game I’m just saying they’re irrelevant in today’s rap community. They’re not putting in work (consistently) like most rappers are.

  • It’s the roc

    ^^^^ way to go making your first comment invalid dude. That was nicely done. #epicfail

  • LP1031

    Floyd chuckled, Now he’s hysterical


    Fif has gotten quite boring lately, no personality at all & he tries too hard.

  • 50 Cent & Jay-Z

    @Slim NO Baller… And yet you still took time out of your busy schedule to leave a comment. You “Unsigned, Up & Coming, Aspiring, Underground, Wannabe” rap/pop stars are the worst critics and biggest hater-crites. Good luck on your latest wack tape on datpiff. In the words of you ” I’m just saying YOU’RE irrelevant in yesterdays, TODAYS, & tomorrows rap community Slim.

  • street-CODE


  • flo Jo

    Damn, 50 stay losing.

  • Whowantwhat

    When your making millions I don’t think your losing..Lol

  • Evil

    What a terrible performance.

  • eat a D

    fif’s stans getting butthurt talking about millions when homeboy is a walking L,fuck fif wack ass

  • Johnson

    50 haters are still butt-hurt over him disrespecting their favorite rappers again and again their walking L’s

  • 50 trys way too hard..hes so irrelevant to the culture its disgusting..even floyd knew his boxing knowledge wasnt there signing all these bums ..

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    MMG stans stay on they jobs.

  • Semi-True

    crazy how New Day would have been a hit song had 50 not tried to make it his single..

  • Rick Ross Tittie

    From walking out Floyd and now to this scrub hahahaha Fifty takes another L

  • County Of Kings

    talk about death of a dynasty smh @ this nigga
    i understand he’s rich and he wants to stay rich so he wont go away. i think he should be behind the scenes. i think when ppl see a 50cent name attached they get turned off quickly.

  • Kush

    Floyd was his boy, this is a client. 50’s boxer Gamboa is really good, won his last fight. Can’t win em all

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  • Backtoreality

    What’s so funny about every 50 post on this site is that all the hate is to the highest extreme. You guys hate to love the man, he is probably averaging a post a day on this site and you guys preach irrelevancy and hate but u pop up when he does and you check his shit out. So lets keep it official, you muthafuckas do care u care bout what he’s doing because u critic everything he does. I’m no fifty Stan he just doing him getting money in whatever field respect the hustle, worry about your own progression and live my niggas a 50 cent post shouldn’t ruin your day if so get a life.

  • He isnt making money..that where your fucking up..everything hes doing is bombing..anything associated to his name is bombing..most of the things u see 50 promote is him investing his own money..so ur the dumbfuck…last album flopped..remember his mtv show cancelled..his enrgy shot have u tried it? Flopped..his book that came out bricked…hasnt cracked 5k ..now hes boxibg promoter with bumb ass boxers ..his best boxer is gamboa? Are u serious? Floyd knew right away to not go into bussiness with this guy..how bout the talk of that joint album wit em an 50 ..em answered by saying”no pressure” not even hinting that it could happen..but he did one with royce right..plz i could go on and on with this lame peice of shit..


    @says. .-lol, nigga stop talking out your ass. like you get your information from the real media. I bet you be on mtv getting all the information on 50’s ventures.lol. nigga in the newyork times in february of this year, as well as many other outlets confirmed that ”STREET KING ENERGY DRINK” was ranked number one amongst health drinks, meaning that it willl be distributed all over the world, killing the competition. in a couple of years that venture will become a multi million dollar business. thats not a loss you fuck boy. and his last album ”before I self destruct” sold a million copies. its confirmed that it has reached platnium, and the album was quality.had bangers on them. so what you saying. sms headphones now distributed in 64 countries. he gettting payed internationally. as if you havent noticed. america is becoming a piece of shit, and aint the only place to get money from, even though he still famous in the U.S. and respected behind the scenes. his books are selling, and in his boxing promotion he got 2 fighters who do paperview fights, and he getting a piece of that, than he got this fighter here, whos name is not as big, so like any boxing promoter, he got to promote all his fighters no matter if there top knotch or average. he still makes money. so please nigga you cant make a valid point, when your hating. your opinion is worth doo doo.

  • king

    co sign @Jaguar…

    hating ass niggas… bombing? lol u sound dumb….

  • R

    They won’t give any of 50s boxers a decision hes like a virgin right now in the game

  • Anything associated to 50 is shit he had a movie with de niro it bombed..homie has acted on tons of straight to dvd movies..His energy drink is a cry for help..he wants u to buy a energy shot to say ur helping feed people around the world haha..what a joke.plz fuckrat.Not even a drake hook could save this monkey nigga…Just because he spends marketing dollars does not mean hes making money..his headphones are not selling and his energy isnt doin good…50CENT is the king of bringing up numbers why hasnt he said how much he sold of his headphones? Beleive me if he was selling a good amount the whole world would know!! Thats what kinda bitch he is..he means nothing to the culture he came and went ..

  • An lastly 50 cent will never be a powerful promoter de la hoya will never let it happen hes to powerful ..a REALlY good boxer with great potential wouldnt associate themselves with a rapper..golden boy runs shit..and mayweather promo only is as strong as mayweather is as a boxer..

  • may weather

    jobless haters lol at least 50 cent keep you guys from boredom here keep on typing shat…..loss or win both promoters always get paid depending on the deal……dumb jobless idiots


    @ says, your rant makes no sense, you repeating yourself. I just told you facts that diminishes your claims. lol you have been ethered. calm down, go get some pussy, cause the hate will make you have seizures. lol 50 already a legend…

  • bawse

    50 fav line to Billy Dib is u ah pop tart sweetheart ur soft in the middle lmao


    The Donkey’s Sweet Queen Immortal album is pushed back again. Again?! Damn, Rozay look what you done did.

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