Future: #9 Hottest MC In The Game

Clocking in at number nine on MTV‘s Hottest MC list is Auto-tuner, Future. Turn off the lights and turn up the debate.

What began as a strictly underground run began to take off in 2011 with Future’s “Tony Montana” single and its Drake-assisted remix. During 2012, however, Future sky-rocketed to new heights with high-powered pop hooks, while still keeping his hold on the streets. His mix of melodic arrangements and raspy rap bars were a sure-shot formula for some of the year’s biggest hits.

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  • bry from Boston

    Lol wow

  • JL

    Future is an MC?…

  • Black Shady

    LOL Future???????????

    Kdot better be #1

  • Myles


  • BG

    Future blew up after “Racks.” Simple as that.

  • BG

    And to those complaining, this isn’t a “Best MC” or “Most talented MC” list. It’s “hottest MC,” meaning the most popular. Future, like him or not, is on heavy rotation throughout the country. I wouldn’t be surprised if 2 Chainz is #1.

  • Respect

    The guy in the Cool Mentality shirt seems to be the only one who knows what he’s talking about………..so far

  • edi

    hes not an mc

    how is he over meek and pusha


    Are you screwing with us? Future isn’t a MC. If these clowns are on the list and true MCs like cole don’t make it I’m gonna need Bdot to rip them a new asshole.

  • Joe Lake

    He do got dem good ol lyriks. He sho am good on dem beets . Why fo yall mad ?

  • SoloK

    here we go again…
    you do know MTV just makes this list once a year for people to talk about, right? all around the rap blogs people are talking about this retarded ass list. i’m not surprised if the #1 spot is controversial again! i’m sure even future is looking at this like WTF?

  • ayyeee

    Better than Meek mills

  • Toy-T

    Are they serious? Future? MC? They lost the little mind they had left wow… #8 is gonna be John legend and #7 is Usher loooooooool

    Curren$y is a must on this list….
    Lupe Fiasco (what he did on f&l2 wow)

  • JustMyOpinion

    They were better off choosing the actual AUTO-TUNE device as a MC.

  • The Wise

    i find it hilarious how many dumb people get upset on this list..ITS NOT THE DOPEST LIST ITS THE HOTTEST an hate if u want but right now meek @ 10 an future at 9 deffinetly fair to say considering how much spins there getting as of now..Its well deserved…Quit the Maddness

  • Johnson

    These lists are always funny

  • JassåFromSweden

    Oh no… Not another RR list… Smh…

  • FreshouttaCompton

    i bet you not, fifty is gonna make the hottest MC list this year. im just saying. Guy had 2 hits. New Day and My Life. dude was buzzing over every blog. don’t forget Major Distribution with Snoop and Young Jezzy. A nice collabo with K.dot on We Up. 10 year grodt anniversary. he was on blogs for like a week because of it. and in general , fifty received really good reactions from people, music wise. Dude squashed his beef with Fat Joe on BET. he fucked up MMG by jumping Gun Play. I mean guy was pretty active in Hip Hop this year. Rick ross released more music this year , but fifty actually received good reactions from the ppl about his music, while rick ross hasn’t . when was the last time when you actually seen a new track by rick ross that got people interested ? while fifty released new day, major distribution, my life, We Up, financial freedom. Financial freedom received crazy attention on blogs. even on RR it got to almost 200 comments, but Elliot refused to put it on top 5 stories list.

  • logan

    man i got hype i read it wrong lol. thought it was the game at number 9 butvits future smh

  • FreshouttaCompton

    btw, didn’t fifty released a gangsta grillz mixtape in 2012 ? and My Life with New Day actually went over seas . My Life was a no 1 hit in UK.

  • Fiyah

    And just like that, this bullshit list is invalid once again.

  • mrholloway

    He should be #1. But when you have a panel dominated by NYers….what do you expect. Future is on the radio more than Drake or Lil Wayne. You can’t deny he is a hit maker. You got folks saying he has weak first week sales…He is on Epic records…they aren’t marketing for him. Stop the south hate…please.

  • The Wise

    i see yall working for 50…but right now his musics forgettable.. my life & new day..had buzz but didnt hangover cuz its not what the people want an him reaching commercial wise wont wrk..but i deff would like to hear what 50s albums sounding like..an yes i fuck with 50

  • FreshouttaCompton

    @ Mr HolloWay . hes not a rapper, hes an autotune machine singing hooks. gtfo with this BS.

  • FreshouttaCompton

    @ The Wise, i wish i was working for that guy, i would get fucking paid for posting this shit 😀 but no. Im just saying, that he had a potential to make this BS list.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    JustMyOpinion says:
    Sunday, March 03 2013 at 1:20 PM EST
    They were better off choosing the actual AUTO-TUNE device as a MC.

    ^ DEAD

  • nuna

    MC means Musician not lyricist. I think he should of been ranked higher.

  • @tshiamofs

    MTV is a pop station, their definition of an MC will always be off the mark. Futue is a Hip Hop artist no doubt, he is just not a fooken MC. I think Meek Mill is whack but Future is worse!

  • HOVA

    Top MC’s Today:
    1. Kanye West
    2. Drake
    3. Rick Ross
    4. Kendrick Lamar
    5. 2Chainz
    6. Nas
    7. Big Sean
    8. Wale
    9. Future
    10. Meek Mill

  • FTW

    I’m not even going to feed into this bullshit this year.


  • The Wise

    @freshoutta compton i feel what u sayin but i could predict the way this list is goin an so should everybody else..if ur poppin in clubs an radio then ur on this list….this list isnt breaking in any new boundrys for any artist ..honestly if anything its sadd pusha aint even get the love on this list an hes suprisingly made himself relevant since GRINDIN..now thats wrk!… i could say without a doubt deserves the list but lik i said WE KNOW HOW THIS GONNA GO

  • logan


    your a dumbass.mc does not mean musician you fuckin born in 97 ass kid.its means master of ceremony or microphone checker

  • Erick

    I’m tired of hearing “club” when it comes to the MC list. Don’t get me wrong an MC can make it to clubs but nowadays pop and house records are mostly played at clubs. In my opinion, if a record is not played in a club that doesn’t mean that it is not a true hip hop jam. In fact, a lot of true hip hop records are better than most “club” songs.



  • hmmm

    i find it funny how they spell it mc and now emcee, that’s the real way…pretty much explains why future is even on this list

  • hmmm


  • i wonder

    who will be number 1? my guess is kendrick……2 chainz will be in top 5 probably..the wise is right doe, it’s not dopest, it’s the hottest

  • gey

    kanye and weezy are gonna make the list just for their gay ass rants

  • Balla

    The keyword is HOTTEST. Meaning not necessarily the best. Dude has hits all over the radio. So all of you niggas need to get your panties out of a bunch

  • Evil

    Fuck MTV and their every year bullshit list.
    If kanye or wayne makes it,it is officially over.

  • bitchmade

    as far as hottest i wouldn’t disagree
    kendrick ain’t never gon be number one. as much as it would be the best choice they prolly gon put somebody else

  • FuckWhatHipHopHasBecome

    I’ve known for quite some time now, that the genre of music I grew up loving is dead, this just confirms it. What an embarrassment to music in general.

  • R

    If Trinadad Trash makes this list the World will End this year!

  • Hol’Up

    Bet drake is 1 and k.dot is 2.. A$AP Rocky wil be there.. How come no Pusha?? Big Sean could be there..

  • Hol’Up

    K. Dot better be 1
    Nas maybe…

  • dreadFLA

    We still talking bout hip hop right? Bra if n e rapper in the 80s 90s were to hear future they would lose all hope

  • pick

    HONESTLY speaking my nigga GAME should be on the list but he hasn’t been on it since 06 but mtv never recognizes him

  • Aggie Pride

    I don’t care who’s 10 – 2 as long as Kendrick Lamar is Number #1.

  • ADG

    “I’m not even going to feed into this bullshit this year.”

    You just did.

  • mac DIESEL




  • A$VP J-MAC

    2. 2 CHAINZ
    3. RICK RO$$
    5. DRAKE
    6. NAS
    7. BIG SEAN
    8. T.I.
    9. FURTUE
    10. MEEK MILL

  • Scrilla



  • Semi-True

    macklemore and ryan lewis are gonna be # 2

  • AnthonyC

    MTV doesn’t know shit about real hip-hop

  • coolhaitian305

    whos making this list? none of the people making this list know what an M.C is! smh it should be Hottest RAPPERS. smh People like ACTION BRONSON,DANNY BROWN etc should be on that list because they make actually good MUSIC and are EMCESS not tight jean niggas rapping about bullisht!

  • recordpusher

    How sad is it that we have fallen like this…

  • recordpusher

    and on the radio means nada…

    back in the days… tone loc, young mc, and vanilla were all over the radio… yet the top mcs in those times were people like Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Krs One….

    today, whoever clearchannel and radio one take money from to put in heavy rotation are now considered the best of the best…

    and no one with ‘power’ or influence says a word or even cares… if they do, they are ‘haters’ and they would possibly mess up everyones money.

  • eastpointvet

    this is the hottest mcs list and as far as hot i think he should be higher than 9 if we going strickly off hotness he should be about 5 or 6. has nothing to do with your prowess on the mic its your impact on the game and rotation on radio and the such and a good argument could be made for him to be in the top 3 actually.

  • imolaHa

    #1 kendrick Lamar.

    that’s all they need

  • Zeerax

    yep, if they don’t put kendrick #1 then fuck mtv

  • Ja Rule with Auto Tune guy is # 9 ?

    He’s good on hooks and that’s it

    Then again it’s MTV and when was the last time they mattered?
    When Clinton was in office

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Maybe T-Pain CAN make a comeback

  • Tef

    This list in general is visual proof that hip hop is, and has been doomed for some time now. Not only that, the dummies are winning. Only two of these niggaz can actually speak annunciated English. This saddens me beyond words.

  • acidrap

    Should rename this list..” weakest mc niggas in the game”.