Method Man Says Wu-Tang LP This Year

Last year, Ghost mentioned he’s already recorded tracks for the tentative project. But during Method Man’s show at the Key Club on Friday, Meth says the album is in fact dropping this year to coincide with the Clan’s 20th anniversary. Hopefully, the others are on the same page. Including Rae.


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  • Johnny Ryall

    20 good years of that black hoodie rap. They’re probably still finding scribbled Wu-Tang logos at my middle school. Time for one more classic, Exit the Wu-Tang.



  • jessicawu

    No RAEKWON THE CHEF no Wu-Tang,Period!!.The Chef is nicest and a lyrical genius..oh yeah relevant. You don’t see Kanye working with anyone else! Method Man is corney as hell but dope when he’s part of Wu..RZA’S IN SPACE and everyone knows his brotha Divine is a Crook and out of touch..Ghostface is dope..and everyone else is oh well!!!! Love the Wu but not without the Chef!!!

  • tha OG

    WU-Tang clan is the greatest rap group ever!! I must get the next album

  • Snafu24

    Hopefully it has more than 3 good tracks. They need to step it up and get back to the ways of their 1st 2 albums.

  • Blunted on Reality


  • Toy-T


  • Bieber

    Fifth Harmony > Wu Tang

  • Devante

    Other than die hard fans who’s really anticipating this? Raekwon is the only who hasn’t lost it…

  • K


    But it’s a close second and I’ll be anticipating this, but honestly they’ve always been kinda hit or miss, and if they’re not all on the same page, I won’t keep my hopes up too high.

  • Gary Paulson

    Breaking news !!

    No fucks giving , wu tang !

  • Survival of the Illest
  • Devante


    Wtf did you blacked out for? No one mentioned sales or buzz.
    It’s known fact that these niggas can’t make quality music anymore.

  • Survival of the Illest

    jessicawu says:
    Sunday, March 03 2013 at 10:13 PM
    The Chef is nicest and a lyrical genius..oh yeah relevant. You don’t see Kanye working with anyone else!

    Gary Paulson says:
    Monday, March 04 2013 at 12:11 AM
    Breaking news !!

    No fucks giving , wu tang !
    This the fuck shit I’m talm bout.

    & outta the last Wu projects I done gave a spin (Shaolin v Wu, RZA’s soundtrack, Lost Jewelry & WuBlock) only WuBlock wasn’t up to par. Shit may not stack up to OB4CL/36/Supreme standards but you not convincin me Wu don’t make better music than the Meeks, Keefs, Drakes, etc.

  • Carlosthe5TH


  • jessicawu

    Raekwon the Chef is the hottest of the group and the only one keeps it real and let’s the Wu fans know what’s really going on internally!!! The Chef owns the internet generation! Did anyone see his interview on MTV,when he talks about how the business needs to be right..SMH meaning the 20 year reunion is still shaky and won’t get my hopes up!!! Its always greedy and shady ppl who ruin it for great musical groups such as the WU. If I was Raekwon I would focus on FILA and his own tour and bring the WU to his set!! Guys I seriously Can’t wait to hear that album,Lost Jewlry gave me a 90’s vibe and excited again about the hip hop! My BF and I are the Chefs biggest fans since day #1!!!!! Raekwon can be as big as Nas or give Jayz a run for his money lyrically if he has a hit record! I hope Rae and Kanye continue to build!!! That smells like money..Wu Tang not so much!

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  • PistolPistol

    Hating a faggots protect yo neck!

  • PistolPistol

    ***ass ^