Big Sean #6: Hottest MC In The Game

Big Sean pulls a swerve and lands at the sixth spot on MTV‘s list. Sorry, Kanye.

When the members of MTV’s Hip-Hop Brain Trust sat down to discuss the year’s rankings, the Detroit rapper initially had the #8 spot. But no one could’ve predicted how much he would progress on the list. Indeed, the same could be said for Sean’s influence and impact on hip-hop over the past year.

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  • assdv


  • JOHNYblaze

    Cant front I fk with him more after his past few hits and guap rides but thats it.

  • Zeerax

    kendrick better be #1

  • TPG

    and… #1 is Rick Ross!!! #Ross_Radar

  • TheConceptOfArtist

    I been rooting for Sean forever so I’m happy
    ** in Sean voice

  • wickwickwack

    u guys need to stop calling them MCs ,half of these guys are just rappers

  • The Other P

    no business on this list. Is BS getting spins like in 12/13 besides Good Music collabs? Name a song this nigga got with any other artist where you feel like he had the best verse on the song. So GOOD music, YMCMB & MMG are going to be over 60% of MTV’s list? Can’t see Pusha T, Rozay, Drake & Wayne not being on this list based off of previous lists & whatever criteria they’re using.

    Another note: B.Dot is right, hot97 doesnt support local artists like they should. About to leave NYC after a long weekend & heard part of mister cee’s friday night mix. The mix could have been from a dj down south, the only thing missing was the local artists that are mixed in down south.

  • Toy-T

    Curren$y is a must on this list….

    Lupe Fiasco (what he did on f&l2 wow)



  • Toy-T

    Curren$y 2012:

    Muscle car chronicles (album)
    The stoned immaculate (album)
    Jet world order 2 (compilation)
    #the1st28 (ep)
    Cigarette Boats (xxl ep of the year)
    Priest Andretti (Mixtape)
    3 piece set (ep)

    That’s 2012 only

  • dafyysci

    Big Sean should’ve been top 5.

  • Uh-oh

    10. Meek Mill
    9. Future (WTF)
    8. A$AP Rocky
    7. Kanye West
    6. Big Sean
    5. NaS*
    4. Lil Wayne*
    3. Rick Ross*
    2. Drake*
    1. Kendrick Lamar*

    Can’t wait for mainstream hip hop to collapse. Then the game can finally be handed back over to the rightful owners.

  • Obama

    This blog is run by undereducated monkeys.. At least get an intern who knows wordpress you clowns..

  • poLi

    kendrick will be #1 congratz to the new best rapper alive

    kendrick will be #1

    -one of the best selling albums of the year
    -Most acclaimed hip hop album since 2010; 25th most acclaimed album all genre, all time, (based on more than 25 reviews)
    – at least #1 on 100 year-end lists albums
    – praised as the king of hip hop by famous journalists and hip hop heads
    – crowned king of west coast by west coast legends
    – most asked artist for a featuring this year, all genre.
    – won lyricist of the year @ bet against nas, jay-z kanye & Cole
    – praised as the savior of hip hop coz he is one of the rare artist to have released an uncompromised instant classic that had a lot of success.
    – biggest increase of popularity this year

    kendrick will be #1,

  • cev0

    If kendrick doesn’t win, I’m done with mtv.

  • TraX

    Kendrick 1.
    drake 2.

  • Donn

    Lol @Poli

    Praised as the savior of HIPHOP? I swear ppl find a new artist to give that title to every year. Dude has a looooong way to go, let his nuts breathe. I’m a fan but u guys be over killing with the comments

  • klqrence

    He is right, kendrick is praised to be the king of hip hop and he has the buzz Eminem had in 2000.
    It happens 2x in a decade tbh.

    btw, kendrick should be #1; I’m a drake’s fan but kendrick had a better year and he really is on another level

  • JOHNYblaze

    Ya forreal,Kendrick is has been nice but niggas are OD thirsty for a hiphop savior ain’t no such thangs just new acts, some more hyped than the next, the last artist universally recognized as nasty was Eminem, k dot has a ways to go.

  • Yo-laa

    kendrick better be #1.

  • Hybird

    kendrick is now acclaimed as the new Nas/pac in my country too, he made it to Europe lol.
    I think it will be #1 kendrick, I can’t see anyone being 1. except him tbh.

  • JOHNYblaze

    Lie 50 cent was last artist even close to eminems hype, Kendrick should thank the lack of creativity in modern rap game and blogger cockriders.

  • Anpn

    I’d like to see drake #1 but it will be Kendrick and I wont be Mad.
    He is the best right now so …

  • potofOr

    Kendrick >>>>> everyone in the game since 2010 so yes. #1

  • dark

    I don’t know, the list is wack !

    Kendrick should be first easily tbh but mtv sucks…

  • haikidoku

    LOL MTV gonna put ross on the list :ROFL:

    prediction :

    1) Kendrick
    2) Drake
    3) 2 chainz
    4) Rick Ross

    3 and 4) sux doe

  • the Chef

    hopefully kendrick is on the top of the list.

    do something right MTV.

  • ajjj

    kendrick > 1
    drake > 2
    ross > 3

  • Dashing

    Mark my words, Kendrick should be but won’t be #1.

    This is what it will be:

    1. Drake
    2. Kendrick
    3. Rick Ross
    4. 2 Chainz
    5. Lil Wayne

    And Nas and Jay won’t be on the list.

  • Devante

    We go though this same argument every year can you stop the debate…
    This list Isnt about lyrical content it’s about who has the most radio spins and videos in rotation. The end

  • BBC|frn

    kendrick #1

  • mac DIESEL


    …….HA!!!! MTV + HIP-HOP = LAUGHABLE!!!!


  • Tef

    “Vibe made a list of the hottest MCs, but they ignored the nicest.”-Joe Budden(Who Killed Hip Hop 2007)

  • Pardonmyswag

    Agree with toy-T he deserves to be on this list… Hip hop politics

  • As Real As It Gets

    LMFAO @ Ross_Radar

  • london

    MTV is bullshit.this list is bullshit.kendrik?king? what the fuck are you people talking about?

  • Scrilla

    Jeezy is #1! Jeezy is #1!!!!!

  • Scrilla

    Jeezy is the Sr. Vp of Atlantic Records
    Jeezy is on every feature on that list
    Its tha world has 1 million downloads!!

    Jeezy is #1!!!!!!!

  • R

    Big Sean is Gay!

  • Rap Radar Sucks

    why do yall even fck with MTV anymore? “hottest MC” bull fruckin’ shit. If it was really about MCs and not who gets spins with the last bootyshaking bass radio hit, it’d go 1) Nas 2) Lupe Fiasco 3) Kendrick Lamar 4) Drake 5) Curren$y 6) Kanye West 7) Jigga Man

  • Lennydrvs

    Why is Rick Ross in the top 10? HA thumbs down

  • MeMo

    hot tech nine fo you lil niggas, jajajaja Ross gotta be a top 5 c’mon, it’s hottest mc for fuks sake, whos music u heard da most when u was at the club, whos music u most often bangged in ur trunk, ipod, laptop in 2012. That being said i agree with [email protected]#1 but you know it’s mtv, they probably gon come up with sum bullshit like 2Chainz on a top5 or even worse………………………….MONTANA!!!

  • honestly

    Big fail.

  • Da Business

    Kendrick is that dude but, u know MTV is going to give the top spot to Drake. And to be real, rightfully so. TC dropped in 2011 and it ran 2012. He won the Grammy(deserved it), not to mention that “started from the bottom” is killing the streets right now. Hate if u want but, it’s fact.

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