Kanye West: #7 Hottest MC In The Game

He doesn’t do press, but he continues to make headlines. Holding down the number seven spot is G.O.O.D. Music founder, Kanye West.

Kanye West has proven time and time again that as a soloist, he can single-handedly shift rap’s sonic focus, but over the past year Yeezy made sure that there wasn’t anybody messin’ with his clique. So even during a period when he put out G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer compilation, ‘Ye was enough of a force to land him at #7 on the “Hottest MCs in the Game VIII,” MTV’s hip-hop power ranking.

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  • Slim Baller

    Kanyes so overrated and honestly quite annoying too

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    His first 3 albums are classics. My suggestion Kanye needs to a break from hip hop.

  • HOVA

    …….Kanye West is number 7, really? LOL

  • Zeerax

    kendrick better be #1

  • It’s the roc


    Nobody would have listened to those songs that Big Sean “starred” on if Kanye wasn’t on them. And couldn’t you make a case that Pusha was the star on those records?

    This is a classic case where Kanye is already an established monster and consistent, so when he’s good we’re numb to it, because that is always. Whereas, Big Sean being on/approaching Kanye’s level at any point is such a shock that we overvalue it. Oh God

  • Gooona

    kendrick will win, its deserved

  • pistalonthedressor

    ?? yeah kendrick will be number one… not mad a this though.. loved this on worldstar…http://bit.ly/Xjtntk

  • LikeJordan45

    Basically MTV calls their list “Hottest” because there’s no way to truly define “hotness”. Is Kanye a bigger, more successful and influential MC than Big Sean? Yes. Is he “hotter”? Completely subjective so….who cares?

  • dafyysci

    Drake is gonna be #1.. he ruled all of 2012 with great features

  • poLi

    kendrick will be #1

    -one of the best selling albums of the year
    -Most acclaimed hip hop album since 2010; 25th most acclaimed album all genre, all time, (based on more than 25 reviews)
    – at least #1 on 100 year-end lists albums
    – praised as the king of hip hop by famous journalists and hip hop heads
    – crowned king of west coast by west coast legends
    – most asked artist for a featuring this year, all genre.
    – won lyricist of the year @ bet against nas, jay-z kanye & Cole
    – praised as the savior of hip hop coz he is one of the rare artist to have released an uncompromised instant classic that had a lot of success.
    – biggest increase of popularity this year

    kendrick will be #1,

  • chan

    I love kendricks music and the Album sas dope but to say he did better than drake is a lie.. I mean drake did just win grammy best rap album so it hard to argue against that… Even though I know he wasn’t going against k.dot and if they were he probs would of lost or at least should off.. But when it comes to hottness it basically comes down to this who had the better verse in fucking problem?? And who performs it better??? I think its close

  • acidrap

    Fuck this weak ass nigga and his garbage beats. Fools just eat up ANYTHING this lame puts out. Nigga cant play a single note on a single instrument. All he does is sample old ass music n throw it on some dusty ass drums and he winnin grammys n shit lol. People are dumb as shit.

  • TK

    MTV LOST! wtf is this shit kanye at nr 7??? really ya’ll niggus still didn’t learn shit from all these years???? nothing but hits! fuck mc! kanye is the nr 1 artist on this pathetic planet! goddamn.. smh.. fuckboys..

  • 200mph

    TOP 5 will be between: 2chainz, ASAP, Ross, Drake, kendrick lamar

  • D Twice

    If its so easy then why don’t you do it then nigga?

  • @ chan

    “Bitch! I’m Kendrick Lamar…” is easily the most memorable and most often-quoted line from “Fuckin’ Problems”, and theres abolutely no question that Kendrick got Drake on “Poetic Justice” (even more convincing because Drake tried to do basically a Kendrick impression on that one).

    Drake’s still the bigger artist, but Kendrick absolutely 100% had a bigger 2012.

  • Truthspeaks

    These idiots really are talking just to seem important. On meek #10 spot they said it was a good thing that he stayed in the news even tho it wasn’t for rapping( DA, Chris brown fight) now they saying its a bad thing that kanye is on the news even tho it’s not for rapping(Kim, fashion) make a point & stick to it

  • big steve

    i wanna know the criteria on which they base this cause hes prob the face of hip hop culture now and mbdtf is the best album ive heard in a long time so how could he be so low on this list.


    Thank you D Twice. Hey, acidrap, go jerk off and clear your mind, believe me bro, you need it.

  • BBC|frn

    kendrick will be #1

    king is respected as fuck

  • big steve

    fuck mtv

  • honestly

    KANYE Shoulda been on the top 3

    My opinion is Drake deserved to be Number one

  • BigBoi

    kendrick is number 1

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  • Bigg John

    Kendrick over Ye? Fuck outta here I’m done with rap

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