New Music: Ciara x Future “Body Party”

body party-cover

Although Future is the only one exploring it, Ciara invites us all to the party on the latest single featuring ad-libs from her boo. One Woman Army in stores this summer. Mike Will Made It.


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  • Ya

    Future saved her career

  • 200mph

    ^^^ AGREED, this her best single in years

  • Donn

    I think this kind of music is getting overdone. How many versions of this song have we all heard before? After Frank Ocean, Weeknd, Emeli Sande, Miguel, etc, this type of stuff seems irrelevant. Wheres the ART?

    Did someone write the song in 1 hour, reference the vocals, email it and she resung it? Is a another popular producer just looking for his next placement?

    I understand what Kanye was saying now, nobody’s pushing to make ART anymore. Its all money and politics

  • @ donn shutup fuckrat
    U dont know what ur talkin bout..shits hot son

  • Yo

    Can’t hate on this one. She back

  • potion lotion

    donn got that producer ear lolz

  • Yungn

    About Damn Time Ciara!!!!!

  • matrix

    Son this nigg is just goin ooh ooh ooh ooh and thats a feature…LMAO…this nigg probably wrote this shit for her though…Chuuch…

  • Jiggy SasQuach

    This nigga future coming out wit up wit heat for shorty lately

  • Batman

    Ciara look sexy AF in that picture, omg. Shes back though!! this song is HOT!

  • rrahha

    I wonder if KP and Envy can get some residuals for this….and Polo, lol….

  • skully

    this should have been Brandy’s record

  • Ricflair

    She back

  • onenutned


  • DIGGSY!!!


  • Doug Ioviine

    Nothing special u sheep will accept anythin put in front of u. This record is fuckin dumb.

  • BrandonTex

    she took the baseline from a dispet song and even some of the lyrics…its a good track but fuck lol hard to find originality these days…

    I Wanna Be Your Lady – Dipset check it out

  • Jaymalls


    Cosign 100%… this shit is the same thing we heard over and over again… with that said, IM HUMAN! If im in the club or in the whip w/ mi catty and this is playing, im not gonna say turn this shit off!

  • gammaboi

    Seriously, back in the day people said Ciara would be the next Janet Jackson but seriously there’s no sense of adventure or trendsetting in her career.
    Is she a better vocalist than Rihanna? Yes but this is so pedestrian.
    All her albums are average. That missing classic in her discography is why she’s fumbling now.
    Foundation’s weak, the house gone fall.

  • DIGGSY!!!

    @Brandon Tex

    Dipset took that song from ghost town dj’s

  • chan

    girl got a heater

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  • tucq

    I wonder if this will get on the radio, cuz it fits right in. Hopefully it won’t slip through the cracks


    nothing too special, but its a good song for Ciara. should do well on urban radio

  • Tef

    Ciara finally went butt-ass for a cover, she doing the most to stay relevant, but fuck it, she looks good! This song is a good look, I haven’t dug one of her tracks in years, mainly because she fell off when she figured out she was sexy and dropped the dance tracks for 5 inch heels, tight dresses and whack production.




    Mike Will = kanye west of Atlanta music

  • Why So Serious

    She better give Future the best sex of his life plus cash on top of it for this single right here. Never been a fan of Ciara but i got this on replay.

  • Jason

    this is a banger. nice beat nice lyrics

  • Diggy

    Nothing special about this piece of shit gabbage ass music!

  • brza

    It’s a good record.

  • Johnson

    After a few spins i like it

  • Foreign luccini

    *sexy* rnb is back its like 04′ again!!!

  • Loaded

    someone has to stop Donn.

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