R.I.P. No Limit’s Mr. Magic

Former No Limit rapper Mr. Magic and his wife were killed in a car crash on Friday in Mississippi. He was 37 years old. The couples’ 12-year-old daughter survived the wreck. Magic is best known for his 1998 hit, “Sky’s The Limit”. Master P expressed his condolences via Twitter. “God bless the dead.. it’s funny how they play your music, make tributes when you die and show you no love while you alive.. Cold world”.


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  • onenutned


  • the winner


  • JOHNYblaze

    Rip man atleast it wasnt due to gun violence

  • Trillionaire


  • Obama

    RIP… Fucked up Master P gotta bring bullshit to the table.. Old salty ass out of touch nigga. The world showed Mr Magic plenty love when his music was relevant. Times change an he ain’t relevant no more.. When you pass, you’ll be lucky if people wanna play your shit and celebrate what you did when you were here. Master P just bitter cause his money is running out FAST.. That little stack he’s holding up to his head is probably all he got left..

  • Damn

    @obama percy miller’s networth is 350mill.. he’ll be ok lol

  • Ronnie Mack JR

    RIP Mr. Magic

  • acidrap

    Nigga had some classic songs. His best shit was on that snoop/c murder track”fuck them niggas” lol classic!

  • DIGGSY!!!

    @B. Dot

    Magic is best known for his 1998 hit, “Skys The Limit”

    bullshit. i fucked with Magic back in the day & i dont even know that song. and RR didnt even have a post for Stone from Cash Money when he died. he might not have been the most known rapper but it still deserved a post. RR needs a blogger from the south as part of the team. RIP MR MAGIC

    notable Magic tracks (history lesson for B. Dot)

    Ball Till We Fall ft. C-Murder
    No Limit ft. C-Murder & Snoop Dogg
    Wobble Wobble ft. C-Murder & Mac
    Puff Puff
    Down 4 My Niggaz ft. C-Murder & Snoop Dogg
    Ice On My Wrist
    That’s Me
    Let’s Get Em ft. Master P & C-Murder
    Ride On Dem Bustas ft. C-Murder & Mr. Serv-On
    Bloody ft. Mac
    Foolish ft. Master P & Mo B Dick
    I Smoke I Drank ft. Lil Boosie & Young Bleed (one of the first if not the first Boosie apperance ever)
    I Smoke I Drank (remix) ft. Youngbloodz

  • Chan

    Damn I used to play mr magic so much when I was a kid. Fuck the, other nigga cause I’m down for my niggas. Damn. Rip homie.

  • Old man on campus

    Damn, he was one of my favorite on no limit, always rep pin the 9th ward, ride on dem bustas and n-o l-i-m-i-t(when people are hooked on pot, can they be sick if they don’t get it) intro, and bloody off Marc’s second album

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