Kanye Addresses MTV Hottest MCs List


Kanye West broke his “no press” rule this afternoon and called up DJ Enuff on Hot 97 regarding his placement on MTV’s Hottest MC List.

He says he disagrees with Cruel Summer criticism,  calls Lil Wayne the number one rapper in the world and says he gave Sway his first TV before hanging up.

UPDATE: Sway and Weezy react to Yeezy’s call after the jump.

[tweet https://twitter.com/LilTunechi/status/309117202160824320] [tweet https://twitter.com/RealSway/status/309115300639547392]
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  • Slim Baller

    Kanye is too fucking annoying he never shuts the fuck up smh. He’s like a hormonal girl

  • dreadFLA

    MTV is irrelevant

  • 2 cents

    The REALEST!!! Yeezy!

  • Yup !


    WAYNE >>>>> PUSSY T

    HA !


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  • Black Shady

    Kanye is crazy for that Wayne statement. Jay and Em ..best of all time like he said I agree. BUT…Wayne on that list? FUCK.OUT.TA.HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMH

  • TK

    neither do we care about no nickelodeon ye! fuck dat shit.. it bothers me that he said wayne nr 1 rapper.. he’s just being humble n shit.. you know damn well kanye belongs in the top 2 jay first kanye second or the other way.. I know everybody agree’s and if you don’t suck lil B’s dick.. don’t judge some of ya’ll muhfuckaz be camping outside to get the new yeezy.. you damn we’ll what I’m talking about!

  • 2 cents

    Wayne is the most versatile/diverse rapper/artist of ALL TIME.
    “Man I got so many styles, I am a group” Check his catalogue. There’s Go DJ, then there’s hustla musik, a milli, lollipop, how to love…amongst a shitload of other songs. No other rapper can switch it up like he does and that’s a fact.

  • boojoo

    everyone know wayne is a monster thats why your favorite rapper (JAY-Z) wanted to sign

  • boojoo

    sign him**

  • LikeJordan45

    Ye used to make CLASSICS and think Hov was the GOAT.

    Now he gives us an album even he’s disappointed in and thinks Wayne is the greatest.

    I get it now.

  • HOVA

    You can tell Ye is about to drop some shit soon. He’s been all over the tube lately and when’s the last time he did an interview?

  • Real Talk

    seriously, since when does MTV know about rap music and they can say who’s the hottest rapper ? Rap Music can only been judged by Rap knowers

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Kanye wont say that a Pusha T is the best rapper and thats his artist. All these sensitive ass Clipse fans.

  • R

    Kanye is right again and he gave bitch ass Sway his first TV lmfao

  • corey

    say ‘ye say ‘ye


  • Superlyricalryhmespitter

    Obvious attempt to get more buzz. This rap game is so full of shit I almost want to stop supporting it.

  • The Other P

    Fuck Wayne & his ignorant ass Emmett Till line in the “Karate Chop” remix. Rappers need to call that coon out for that instead of praising him.

  • boojoo

    kanye is a big fan of wayne

    he recycled one of waynes lines KICKING BITCHES OUT THE CONDO LIKE PAM

    just like jayz recycles biggies lines all the time

  • boojoo

    kanye has an emitt till line too @ the other p

  • DMVinyourchick

    I just called to say I gave sway his 1st tv? What’s wrong with this nigga

  • Gretsky

    Keep losing Kanye.

  • damone

    Anybody that thinks Wayne is great has to be on crack!

  • Gretsky

    I just called to say I gave sway his 1st tv? What’s wrong with this nigga
    That nigga tripping.
    Kardashian puss will do that to u tho…..

  • Real Talk

    Kanye is really overhyped to the fullest.

  • mac DIESEL


    ……….HA!!!! YE’S WORLD!!!! SMH!!!!


  • zooey

    Wayne stop being in the same category as Jay & Em a few years ago, Carter 3 was his last ounce of greatness, Hes an artificial version of himself now…

  • mac DIESEL

    I just called to say I gave sway his 1st tv




  • realfan

    Wayne is relevant and manages to go platinum every album he puts out, and can put out whatever the fuck he wants and still kill it. He’s been in the game since he was 12, I dont think anyone on here can name someone who has that longevity… stop hatin on his newer shit and realize he was referring to wayne as a whole…Ye is 100% correct MTV is retarded.

  • Realshyt

    Wayne doesn’t even write and has better bars than most

  • Gretsky

    I didn’t really wanna like even call to talk about the number seven list, I just wanna tell everybody I gave Sway his first TV. And he need to remember that.
    *Dives into Volcano*

  • Marko-V

    This interview will live forever due to the line “I gave Sway his first T.V.!” Lol
    From now on I will say that to anyone I feel underappreciates me.


  • Hello walking comas
    or as you like to be known
    Ye Stans

    Film at 11

    Remember in “Goodfellas” when Henry Hill’s girl/future wife took his hands, looked at them, felt how soft they were and said “THEY DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU’RE IN CONSTRUCTION “?
    Henry Hill paused and said ” Ah, I’m a union delegate”

    Well, we listen to Kanye rant like a man of the people. Someone who shares our suffering of the corporate logos appearing everywhere (even painted on the back of Boxers).
    His anger, bitterness seeps through those grainy youtube videos as he addresses “brands” & “corporate” etc…………………………………..
    but then Kanye dropped his demon seed in a female who created a BRAND off a sex tape.

    We get what Kanye claims to be , what hip hop is; of the street
    Yet he doesn’t live up to it unless it’s to remind everyone in a manner that would make Liberace blush of his importance.
    Kanye sticks his head out of his shell to remind of us how great his life is or how much we all fucked it up by not shaping the world in whatever warped way he thinks it should be

    Hip hop has an edge that we want in our music and in our artists. The credibility of this “edge” by each artist is how/why certain artists will always carry a question mark on them like the Scarlet letter if their story is suspect.
    Rick Ross for example

    For Kanye, 13 years removed from “making beats in Chicago” to call up a radio station to let the world know that he doesn’t like his placement (or Big Sean, tho no mention of Pusha T) on MTV’s “hottest MC” list and to share how he “GAVE SWAY A TV”

    Hey, the Ye Stans have their capes on to SAVE A HOish-Rapper
    Yeezy taught them

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Hey Hip hop, Kanye left your ass for a white girlllllllllll

  • Donn




  • JustMyOpinion

    If I was Yeezy I wouldn’t be mad. The gatekeepers of this rap ish just trying to keep the lights on. They CAN’T embrace the “real” music. Think Not? RapRadar’s top guy think the hottest MC is a guy that uses the AUTO-TUNE device to assist him on records.

    So, there’s no need to TRY anymore.

  • sealey


  • NYCown

    Over the last 10 years there hasnt been a rapper greater than T.I…. Wanye is creative but has fictional raps… Kanye is great but emotions control him… New rappers haven’t been tested by time Drake, Big Sean, ASAP, etc

  • Polo

    And Kim K gave him his first STD this nigga ye is out.


    need beats?

    ^the first beat on there is EXACTLY what YOU are looking for

  • Wow i cant beleive kanye is with me on this one..i do beleive wayne is top 3 all time atleased
    Em jay an wayne

  • Evil

    Jay z EM and Nas are the best MCs in the game.FACT.
    Wayne is a lame straight up,he fell off after Carter 3.
    Kanye is just an attention seeking little whore.

  • D Twice

    Kanye calling Wayne the best is probably the most “humble” thing I’ve ever heard him say. He know dam well dude fell off and couldn’t make an album that matches Dark Fantasy to save his life. I would say dude was being sarcastic but I truly think he’s lost his motherfucking mind. If Pusha album don’t come out this year that nigga leaving good music and will start doing Clipse again.

  • Joao

    Sway just got shitted on

  • Lets not forget kanye understands that wayne doesnt get gis just due so he felt he had to say somethin..in totally with that ..nuggas hate on waynr not knowing all the greatness he did

  • gbaby

    Diamonds remix verse is an underated verse…. gesh!

  • JustMyOpinion

    “I just called up to tell everybody I gave Sway his first TV and he need to remember that.”

    ^ Kanye doesn’t care about what people THINK of music, he understand a lot (emphasis) of people don’t know what is quality music, not just rap, but an actual orchestra of music (think: Dark Fantasy). Think not? he said the only reason he called up was to talk about the tv. He’s clowning Hip-Hop’s gatekeeper.

  • 50cent ‏@50cent Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.



  • big steve

    Ye knows his shit hes in the room when the greats are making their lyrics and spitting their flows so he know first hand how creative these people are none of you know what hes talking about cause your not there, i hope he continues to do press tho and calling out sway was hialrious

  • Wayne does run rap hate it or love it.he’s a mega star and to many outside of hip hop he’s one of the few they know.

    My vote is kendrick though
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle: http://youtu.be/TMmOpNbb2J8 via @youtube

  • just wondering

    when was mtv relevant for hiphop? they are only relevant for their gay ass reality shows..sure they have mtv jams, shits ass now anyways with the commercials…i personally dont give a shit about mtvs opinion

  • the truth

    Damn… Pusha T lost

  • So at this point, what are we really here for?

  • killa206

    the best rapper in the game right now is Jay-Z period lil wayne not even in the top 50

  • G

    honestly i believe kanye just said that because he knows waynes probably gonna sell the most albums this year -his fans are crazy about him, but we all know Drake, and Kendrick are the hottest rappers right now.,

  • Devante

    Did he call Kanye humble?

  • Ea$y Bread

    Ye is right. Weezy is one of the best in the game. Just look at the catalogue and resume. Btw Pusha T didn’t lose. T just fighting for his spot with the Titans that is Cash Money records as he should if he want to be considered the best. Ever heard of “You got to beat the best to be the best?!”

  • JOHNYblaze

    DAMN this shit is kind of funny but slightly crazy shit going on in his brain. I read what poison said about kanye and that pretty much sums it up! hes ALREADY been at a high top of the game when he beat 50 cent on that release that was nearly a decade still selling, DOESNT literally do interviews w/e (never knew that fact) but continually does artistic PERFOMANCE art shit hes like a crazy dude but musically!!!! i finally fuck with kanye and he SAID wanye deserves top 3 and that his rants he knows modern day youtube will let everyone view them, He knocked up KIM KARDASHIAN like damn my nigga kanye dont give a fuck, his moms is passed, imagine hes just living it up for himself entirely , as life should be.

  • As Real As It Gets

    Ya some real ingrates. I don’t agree with Weezy being #1 but don’t act like he didn’t hold hiphop down during a drought. He had two strong years during Jays retirement. It was like the dream when Jordan retired. He wasn’t MJ but he still won back to back chips. No one has ever went a milli in a week. Not even Jay! The culture is shit because of the fans. Period!

  • Kendrick is good but that nigga is becoming too overhyped these days

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  • Collar Cali

    Ye is a genius but I disagree with that Wayne statement… he’s good at talking from his @$$ at times…

  • Slim Baller

    I have to second that t.i. Being the best of the last 10 years (consistency wise)

  • True life

    Kanye said em Wayne and Jay were the best rappers. He repeated rappers again because he wants you to know. He is the greatest musician in the world! Not just rap. Not just rap. He does it all. Nigga was playing bongo drums in brazil. He does it all. He is top 3 musician of all time. Hands down. The beats are his instruments. Can’t knock him on that. And that diamonds verse. Definitely hottest. List is whack. Every verse he had was the best verse of the year.

  • D Twice

    @True Life

    You must be the troll of the year.

  • Beaming

    Lmfaooooo I’m dead yo kanye hilarious ……”he need to remember that”

  • T

    How I miss the days of old…can’t ever imagine Chuck D crying like a little b*tch cuz he didn’t make some stupid list.

    These rappers nowadays are worse than a bunch of females…they only have their periods once a month, this dude is like constantly menstruating.


  • Wasn’t this nigga just in a straight jacket on stage last week? Either great marketing, or he might really need that shit

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  • JassåSwe

    Lil Wayne, really!??!!?

  • Starfox64

    dudes are straight corny, lmao since when has mtv’s opinion been relevant to hip hop..?

  • MTV doesn’t know what’s hot in hip hop anymore if Kanye West isnt top 5 of any rap list.

  • Courtney

    Kanye is such a girl. Lol! He talking about Wayne is the best. He just lost so much credit with me!

  • WestCoast

    best Mc’s of all time Nas & Eminem

  • Normal

    Kanye’s career will be the new 50 cent career. He lost his passion. He’s done unless Jay saves him.

  • slaughter

    never liked this guy

  • slaughter

    what i really want to happen is a massive shady aftermath album knew and old artist just dissing the shit out of mmg cash money all them bitches and see who dare call eminem out

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Wayne just call Kanye humble? Da fuck?

  • slaughter

    also as real as it gets you clown em did it twice, also wayne became big when em went on hiatus soo…

  • Del

    he’s taking this list way too seriously

  • Fried Chicken

    Lil Wayne is a legend no doubt.

    But Kanye just destroyed Pusha T’s career by that statement…. Pusha T lost really hard, i dont see how he will look in the mirror after that. “Them nigga aint dying for you”… how ironic.

  • TJP

    How can he say that when there’s the likes of Nas, Lupe, Common and Black Thought? I understand him mentioning Jay and Em but Wayne? Come on now Kanye, get a grip. Wayne has sold records but as a rapper/lyricist he’d get bodied by the above I mentioned.

  • Reblogged this on GenRegardless and commented:
    My nightmares have become reality. Kanye said Lil Wayne is the best MC in the world right now. I’m going to go ball up into the fetal position and contemplate reality for the next few days.

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  • breathe life to MTVJAMS

    Since wen does MTVJAMS have REAL credibility? Reflex Yeezy you doing exactly what MTV NEED you to do –give MTVJAMS relevance

  • He says Wayne is a good rapper, Not a great MC…..

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  • Ray Ray

    Hate Wayne you want but truth of the matter is out side of Nas, and maybe Kendrick, Wayne better than every 1 on that list, not including Ye. It’s evident seeing as how every rapper on that list got something from Wayne, it aint a coincidence these dudes rhyme as whack as they do.

  • Foreign luccini

    *go paint a picture* quit crying u sensitive ass nigga you not from that cry baby era nigga!!

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  • White Lightning

    This the same nigga that couple months ago said Eminem is the number one rapper of all time and nobody ever gonna be bigger. Lil Wayne should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as Em & Jay, period.

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  • King E

    I just lost so much respect for my favorite rapper for tripping over a dumb ass irrelevant pop culture list and making a crazy statement that wayne is number 1 when is idol Hov is still smashing tracks like bitch don’t kill my vibe… Wow Ye u fucking changed bro

    I officially don’t fuck with this nigga no more, and this is nigga WAS my favorite rapper…smh.

  • King E

    K.dot fucking murder this nigga seriously, ye go make some yeezys and stop bitching