• wtf

    and where is snoop? on 2:11 its not him lol wtf

  • Gretsky

    Grown ass man in a wittle boys bottee

  • Westside

    Honestly, not too bad, production is good and bars are decent. Keep it up Bow…

  • youngpledge

    Bow’s got the talent

  • Araabmuzik with another good beat.. this ain’t too bad.

  • the MVP of the MPC

    aarabmuzik is too fucking sick wit the beats….he goes in my book as a definite top 10 hiphop producer, I think top 5 aint wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for dude…..he mos def always comes correct on that mpc!

  • me

    the drums sound off beat tho

  • Aggie Pride

    Ok!!! who’s the GHOST writer?

  • skully

    “sounds like drake” “sounds like Come Back Season DRAKE”


    It’s about damn time Bow Wow, this is the shit we’ve been waiting for. Dope track.

  • The Wise

    Straight fuckin trash!!!!!


    Nobody checkin’ for Bow Wow no more.

  • matrix

    How is this str8 fuggin trash? haters these days…even if you dont like this nigg bow wow you got to admit the beat is popping the message is good and the lyrics were pretty good too…and i dont even fugg with bow wow all that nigga songz been super trash lately trynna sound like wayne or tyga or ti…this actually comes off clean to me…Chuuuch….

  • Starfox64

    so now araabmuzik is giving him useful beats??

  • Mr.Opinion

    This is hard & the beat bangs!

    Now all he gotta do is stop acting corny & he good! Always had respect for the work he’s put in the game, keep it up!