• Love/Hate

    It’s too early for this shit….

  • Gambino

    At least he’s only 34

  • productofme

    lose the fitted son

  • pptheTruth.

    yeah lose the fitted.. dont rock what you like.. change with the masses.. sell your soul pap.. Shut the fuck up @productofme

  • Tef

    Ummmm, this shit is old as fuck! Did someone fuck something up ova at the radar offices?

  • King Chandler

    Pap gotta have one of the worst deliveries in hip hop history, dudes bars always on point but it’s like he just spits all his shit acapella then throws it on any beat he can find. Damn shame.

  • Peekay

    big fan of fitteds but agree, lose that shit when you’re wearing a suit if you want people to take your seriously. song is enh

  • JustMyOpinion

    Bad marketing, she’s in jail due to a gun charge (shooting) and you photo op a gun on her thigh. Smh

  • 35KO

    Thats just a bad use of Photoshop. They used a picture of him wearing a fitted and attached to the body of someone in a suit, then put a gun in his hand… The man chose to go independant and finally release the album. Thats what we should be paying attention to. Not the bad marketing or the choice of attire. I do hope he chooses good director to shoot at least one decent video…

  • Silvio Dante

    Easy folks it appears to just be bad photoshop. But this is what I’m talking about, every fan thinks they’re some executive or mogul talking about a fitted. You could have said the song is shit and you don’t fuck with it or you feel it. But a fitted?

  • fitted

    lil wayn is older than pap and he rocks fitted, but if it was his post, they’d be like “dope fitted’ and shit like that smh…it’s all about dickriders now

  • Slim Baller

    What the fuck is this hot garbage smh

  • troof

    ^ wayne is 30

  • Yessir

    Papoose Pa poose i just like when he say that but he didn’t So fuck the song

  • Black Shady

    tell me this wont be on the album…. LOL


    Pap looks like Russell Simmons illegitimate child on this cover…lol

  • Gambino

    this production is horrible

  • Yesda

    Rap radar put the wrong song this song is name calling but the real what my name is on iTune

  • mike

    Free Remy

  • Devante

    Remy isn’t on beat at all..

  • Donn

    IT’S 2013

    Enough said. This NY sound died a long time ago

  • Troofy

    @troof Wayne is 36, don’t believe the nets, work at an airport and see people’s passport before u defend.
    Papoose is 40

  • Isnt this the Mr. and Mrs Smith artwork originally?

  • KiDCaps

    this NY sound is dying because u muhfuckas only listen to commercial shit, back when Lex Luger, Southside & Lil Lody where comin up, all u niggas was like “wtf all the beats sound the same” now all u niggas be dick ridin dat shit, smh

  • TFG

    Why are dudes on here talking about how Papoose is dressed? yall homo niggas fashionista’s now? I thought this was a hip hop site, why are guys commenting on how the dude look in the picture more than the female? Damn are all young kids under 25 homo’s nowadays smh sheesh

  • A anyone know the name of these pants that got hella pockets on them ? Forgot the name i think they called gebolds not sure

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  • YouPussyThenPullYourPantiesUp

    Your first song out got to be a smash this was lame.