Trinidad James Previews Songs In D.C.

Following his first experience with Mumbo sauce, TJ painted the Nation’s Capital gold and brought his tour over to the Howard Theatre the other night. Above, he treats spectators to more upcoming music.

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  • No footage of Jesse Is Heavyweight opening the show at Howard with his club smash Right, Right. Smh.

  • Mr.Opinion

    What inn the fuck was this MAN?

    I was kinda waiting for some of that shit to be banging cause I’d hate to see him be a 1 hit wonder. But he just may become that…

    He can get by if he had some crazy production. Good luck to him. I hope he’s saving cash!

    Cause one day it will be “All Silver Everything!” Then “All My Shit Gone!”

  • Russ

    I find it sad that everyone is being judgmental of this dude instead of giving him a chance. His show was dope when I seen him the other day.

  • DMVinyourchick

    He didn’t have much turn up, I seen q perform nightmare on fig street, he hopped in the crowd just like that, nobody had the nerve to stand still

  • Tiiz

    So he just let that bitch take his hat? lol

  • Mr.Opinion


    Everyone is judged! It’s just the way he came out … Dressed up as a clown. In hip hop you gotta earn shit & these days niggas start a little brushfire & be talkin like elite niggas … But trinidad is a cool dude. I judged & seen his lane and gave him respect, but I’m not bumpin a full album or maybe not even a song from him! I’m a 80’s baby so I will always respect the MC aspect of Rap/HipHop! “All Facts In My Post”