• Johnson

    Listening as i type and so far it’s dope. Fred got some of the best bars i heard.

  • Jay

    “Over production provided by The Heatmakerz” I see what you did there…

  • wildman

    This is fred lane he sound over good hard beats

  • woz

    heatmakerz should make records with JUELZ on his new mixtape!! we dont need that trap shit..

  • SJerseyplaya

    I am and always be a Fred fan I think he has next up cause the boy can spit on another level.

  • Polo

    Fred is nice def downloadin this

  • Insider

    HeatMakerz beats just don’t hit as hard as they use too….A few joints are okay but I don’t know were that “punch” went that they use to have?????? It’s Okay…. And that’s being respectful

  • verbalvirgo1

    fire bars is murda….its obvious we needed this for this week wit slow releases..

  • Foreign luccini

    The next red cafe, that’s not a bad thing doe!!!

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