New Music: Danny Brown “#HottestMC”

danny brown

A few MCs have been vocal regarding MTV’s controversial list. And for his latest recording, Danny adds a hashtag and weighs in on the topic over le musica de Harry Fraud.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    IF only he added auto-tune, YN would agree with him. #sarcasm.

  • yaknow

    Greatest Rapper Ever

  • G-cass

    Danny is the greatest rapper of all time fuck with me

  • acidrap

    Weak ass nigga. Nobody feelin his shit in the D aside from those Ferndale hipsters. Same thing w Sean. Nobody was checkin for that skinny nigga but high schoolers and now yall say he a top m.c. lol!!

  • alphs

    very good rapper

    probably second behing king kendrick lamar

  • Mike

    Detroit niggas want that street lyrical shit!! Fuck this hippie sh!t

  • fireeee


  • BrandonTex

    this is disrespectful to the forefathers of hiphop…..80s-late 90s… is this….

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    Some guys are sounding very butthurt about this list. Its only a list!!! Drop it already. Does this list affect your life? Just shut up!!!

  • Obama

    Fuck this guy… Hipsters aren’t a reliable fan base…

  • K

    this is krazy dope!