New Music: Lore’l “Benjamin”


It’s still all about the Benjamins. And with that said, take a listen to the new single from Lore’l produced by Big Nate and Case Boogie. Time to cash out?


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  • mike

    Where’s the rack?

  • DMVinyourchick

    Enough of this Goldiggers music, I thought she had somethin with that other song but this is jus annoying

  • John John

    I honestly like Lore’l. She has a lot of potential. I just think if she was down with a hot clique it will help her step her rap game up. I don’t think Nicki would be as dope as she is if she wasn’t around Drake and Wayne. Could you image Lore’l being part of MMG (Ross and Mill)? I mean even Kim had BIG, Foxy had Nas/Jay, Eve had Ruff Ryders, Remy had TS, etc. OR she just needs a hungry ass manager who will grind hard (pause) day & night and not afraid to challenge her in the studio.

  • Deauxboy

    Decent track…last two have been better than expected

  • chet

    This song by Lore’l is hot and Lore’l is the only one on the show with a real record!!!

  • JmE

    Whole time she can sing ok. I can’t fake I fuck wit lore’l. Benjamin ! Me n him ! Woooo !

  • Westside James

    I can’t front Lore’l has been working for a min and the last mixtape was dope but this is like another level for her. Song is hot! Hope they know what to do with it. You know how ni**as do.

  • Shawn B

    Dope!…If she linked up with a crew, she’d blow up!…Ross need to holla…

  • Drew .L Tymer

    very talented I love her music