• JustMyOpinion

    Lyrically speaking, he’s growing on me. Different flow and authentic Hip-Hip feel.

    Side note: Damn my internet is terrible. Arggghhh Comcast.

  • Chris

    This shit is basuda. So fucking boring with no style

  • Johnson

    I been bumping this track since it come out

  • J MART

    This is dope. Perfect unique visual to go along with the unorthodox feel of the track. Haaaa

  • Despite

    Fuck who hate on this.

  • E$CO


  • Heat with that 30 call me D-Wade!!

    Ya’ll LOVE THIS DUDES SOUND NOT HIM…..Joey Badass the rapper is OVERRATED AS FUCK.

    Ya’ll want the 90’s back so badly that y’all will accept a AVERAGE rapper over that sound

  • Devante


  • LoverofHipHop

    Dope ass video. Creative Control never disappoint.

  • ############1 for multiple reasons

  • hiphopradar

    Hus Kingpin & Rozewood – Tokyo Tower Mixtape

  • DeezNuts

    this is the jam right here

    on the regular!

  • Dsunn

    Niggas hate cuz this niggaz straight money

  • stop hatin

    y’all hatin cause dude still in high school and already shittin on y’all.. creative diretor of ecko and has the dopest underground cats behind his back.. this video was dope tho

  • DEF

    Word up to homie above me. A lot of you fools will kill to be in Joey’s shoes. Stop hating and work on your struggle rhymes.

  • ben


  • So dope