2 Chainz: #2 Hottest MC In The Game

2 Chainz. Second spot. Too predictable. Ha!

“Suddenly, we find him not only as the honorary G.O.O.D. Music member, but then he put out B.O.A.T.S., and on that album are songs that carried 2012, from ‘Birthday Song’ to ‘I’m Different,’ to ‘No Lie.’ “

Name an awards show in the past 12 months and 2 Chainz was there. He performed solo at the BET Hip-Hop Awards and joined Lil Wayne at the VMAs before rocking Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival. “He may not be a lyricist like Kendrick [Lamar], but he knew what worked for him, and he took what worked for him and was able to apply that to the masses,” MTV News Segment Producer Steven Roberts said of Deuce’s success.”

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  • foolish

    hottest in the game = last 5yrs (drake)


  • It’s the roc

    Cue the Kendrick fans worldwide getting the KY jelly prepped for the big announcement

  • thisguyhere

    They already gave KDOT the #1 by saying he’s the best lyricist!

  • fh

    Drake should of been in this spot without him no lie not Hit

  • Oj da Cornball

    Ok, so Kendrick Lamar is #1.

    THing is why are people tripping on 18 people’s opinion?

    Oh i get it, cause it’s attached to a big corporation name, MTV so that makes it objective and everybody must conform their thinking to agreeing.


  • Jacob

    I really have to agree tho! 2 Chainz is kinda undeniable…rememer it’s hottest not “best”

  • HOVA


  • OuTLaW


  • Its kendrik 1
    Drake 2
    And those are undeniable after that i wouldnt have given a shit..
    Drakes on kendricks album ,2 chainz album, rick ross albumyet there ahead of him ? Get the fuck outa here.. All these artist are drake featuring drake!! Lol

  • crysis

    lol whata joke.

  • TheTruthIs…

    Titty Boi Number 2??? LOL … 5 am in Toronto killed this list before it was even finished…

  • Slim Baller

    2 chainz dope idk why the hate on him his flows dope

  • Oj da Cornball

    One thing also, why not just name hottest rapper in the Game?
    The MC thing is ticking people off. looool

  • JOHNYblaze

    WOW #2 2 chainz !! crazy

  • Beaming

    Exactly why no one takes this list serious. 2 chains? Future?…. Gtfo…. MTV, BET whatever it’s all the same they both full of shit pumping this horrible trash in everyone’s face. Fuk outa here talking bout 2 chains in the top 3, u take this seriously u need to reevaluate ya entire life.

  • NYCown

    They got Nas and 2 chains on the list but No T.I. Or Jeezy hahaha nigga please

  • ReallyDoe

    Wowwww rly?!? 2 chainz over Yeezy, Drizzy and HOV?…. MTV just lost allll credibility stupid fucks.

  • chan

    Not mad at this but drake should of been higher…i mean no lie 2 chainz biggest record has drake on it and has the best verse on it and the hook

  • Coroner

    *Tity Boi

    Looking at this list I could vomit in a kids Happy Meal.

  • YesReallyDoe

    @Beaming why you mad salty, explain too us who is hotter then Two Chainz today? you acting like this is a list of pure lyrics. this aint the 90s wake up.

  • Da Business

    Props to Kendrick but as far as “hottest” emcee is concerned, Drake 2day is what Hova was in the late 90’s early 2000’s. That dude stays on the radio.

    As much as I fuck w/ Kendrick, Cole, Sean, and Krit… Drake is the Hov of this generation.

  • Foreign luccini

    They should put this list out in April.

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  • Reallydoe

    ……..simple simon ass mothafuckas lol

  • evol

    Drake should of been # 2 wtf !?! 2chainz ? Lolololol

  • Trillionaire

    Lol 2Chainnnnnnnnzzzzzzzzzz Salute. Thats a fuckin come up. I hope you Drake cheerleaders are females if not y’all gay af. that shit is not ordinary..stop it

  • Carlito R

    CORRECTION……the #2 Hottest RAPPER (NOT MC) in the Game

  • Devante

    No Drake..? Drake is responsible for his biggest hit.

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  • Tyreze

    Nas my favorite rapper but shi he shoulda been number 10 on the list,
    Asap Rocky shouldnt even been on the list, Kanye shoulda been number 9.
    1 Kendrick
    2 Drake
    3 Future
    4 2chainz

  • jinx

    Cole Never Made The List Again SMHhhhhh

  • ultrakid

    i agree with this list because its the HOTTEST not who’s the most lyrical, but kendrick not only delivered lyrically but he crossed over into popular culture, and with 2 chainz, the name alone just rings bells, (similar to Snoop dogg) , his name is catchy plus he dominated radio and clubs and further proves that Atlanta still reigns supreme in popularity