• poetic assasin

    Lmao, wtf ?

  • TrickTrick

    Covers the latest issue of ” EL Homo” lol BLOUSES

  • 2 Cents

    So all you gotta do is name drop various foreign fashion designers and you’re automatically a fashion icon? I honestly don’t see anything new this dude is bringing to the table…especially fashion wise. Tyga been rockin gold chains. Wayne been rockin Jeremy Scott. Kanye rocked leather before him. I’m not hating on him at all but yall are quick to call someone a fashion icon. Who got next? Trinidad James? Lets not forget Kanye actually designed shoes for Louis Vuitton…it gets no realer than that.

  • Heat with that 30 call me D-Wade!!

    Its crazy how far IMAGE can take you in the rap game….This nigga is coasting off of image smh

  • @tshiamofs

    He is nice with his flow and beat selection but I don’t think he is top 10 material, his album is from 2013 and Goldie flopped, even with a super Hit Boy beat!

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    Such an innovator *sarcasm*

  • @tshiamofs word

  • chan

    Idk about yall but is album is way dope and is more popular in foreign countries than other niggas you consider on top jus sayin… I think rick ross being higher than him and drake is the real crime

  • jrockdontstop

    Man, A$AP got a style all his own. Let that man do him. Aint too many young n!ggaz you know rockin’ fashion like that. Errybody else runnin’ around tryin’ to look like lil wayne or the next n!gga, he doin’ him.