Jim Jones On Reality TV & New Mixtape

Jomo gave a comprehensive interview to Jenny Boom Boom on Hot 93.7 in Connecticut.

He says he had the “Harlem Shake” for over a year and is releasing a sequel to The Ghost Of Rich Porter mixtape. Despite having a reality show, Jones compares Love & Hip-Hop to Flavor Of Love and blaxploitation. He then touched on TMZ‘s report of writing off strip clubs on his taxes.

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    Before even listening to this interview, I knew Jones would credit himself for placing a platform for Reality TV in Hip-hop, well I beg to differ. Joe Budden was one of the first to use the web not only to promote his music, but to launch his real life to the next level. And he’s been doing it for many years prior to Jones. It was only right for Budden to show some of his life cuz he did so much through his website.