New Video: Tiffany Foxx x Lil’ Kim “Twisted”

Bottoms up. Following their RapFix visit, Kimmy Blanco joins her artist Tiffany Foxx for a night full of drinks. Purchase the audio here and look out for Tiff’s Yellow Tape coming soon.

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  • TheChosenOne

    I tried to give it a chance, but this is pretty bad. I don’t know what’s worse, the song, the terrible looking weave on top of Tiffany’s head, or wtf Lil Kim has done to her face and body. And why in the hell is Miley Cyrus in the video?

  • damn kim, wtf happened to you.

  • RapRadarHater2

    Kim looks like a Chinatown foot massage lady. LMAO

  • Brizzle

    This shit is horrible… Yo sometimes you gotta question RR’s post. Niggaz be mad suspect at times

  • wickwickwack

    stay in your lane kim …stay away from these weird beats

  • Marko-V

    St.Louis stand up! Not that my co-sign means anything to anyone beyond my circle however I co-sign this showin hometown love. Salute


  • manjojo

    M I L E y C Y R U S

  • County Of Kings

    this is your nicki minaj killer? good luck with that

  • Afton Cov

    This Video is for Tiffany Foxx mixtape not Lil Kims album and she did a cameo in this video to promote her artist and its nice and kim does not look bad everybody is only going along with the media if the media said kim looked hot everybody would have agreed i love this 🙂

  • Foreign luccini

    *lil kim don’t fuck around real gz, quick to snatch ya ugly ass off the streets so Fuck peace