• GTFO

    Vado nice.

  • jinx

    i love the New York Movement in.2013

    you got the Spitters – Vado,Fred The Godson,Joey Bada$$
    snd You got thr Commercial Appeal Like French & Asap its a good Balance


    The interview got hella awkward after Heather B thought Vado said “Sipping Don Julio with the gays right now” when he says, “Sippin’ Don Julio with the gauge right now!” I f*cks with Vado but the problem with him is he’s too relaxed when it comes to getting the shine. People forget Vado was doing songs with 2 Chainz and Meek Mill when they were still on they grind but look where they at now opposed to him? Niggas say they want it but are too complacent with just getting by. Not to mention, he doesn’t appear to be one to be in the spot light like that I remember a video where Skitzo (producer) was filming them and Vado was like “Chill with all that filming shit!” LOL Nowadays you need all of that to stay buzzing to the people. I hope he does his thing though.

  • wickwickwack

    vado seems like a good guy …more power to him

  • 50cent ‏@50cent Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.

    vado a good dude..

    his advance from the deal starting to dry up so he had to get on his grind again

  • holyshyt


  • dopeboi

    Vado is underated , he has potential some times he make songs to try to appeal and thats when he fails. i think he should stick to that 90’s/early dipset sound he came out with , he went on to try to rap on south beats and be like the rest of the corny genric ny rappers , vado just needs great production and cinematic music group style visuals and he would be buzzing hard

    he needs to study joeybadass, asap , bodega bamz , roc marciano . not bite they sound but as far as visuals and marketing your self to the hip hop scenester crowd