Ace Hood Trials & Tribulations Trailer

Damn, Ace Hood sure has come a long way. Directed by Edgar Esteves, Ace takes us down memory lane for his next album’s promo. Trials & Tribulations begins July 16.

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  • Slim Baller

    This shit is gonna definitely be album of the year ace is too underrated

  • ECU

    Deep shit. definitely know this album going to hit hard

  • Acehood, Game and Gibbs are the most underrated rappers in the game right now

  • money

    real shit . hope this shit do good cuz he do it for a reason and he keeps hustlin’ . he deserves it . not like fake ass rappers

  • whoa some real ish dope soul that is missing in hiphop now soul

  • STL_Whiteboy

    google ace hoods get smacked by whiteboy , this dude is not real , he got smacked in his face so hard his chain fell off his kneck , WTB got the footage off the internet instantly , thats why he rolls around w 100 Hatians in Miami because he is a bitch

  • jose

    ace hood is underrated

  • Rod Markie

    Got a tear in my eyes cuz I really felt what he was speaking on, Real niggas shed a tear for anything that touches the soul kill all that tough stuff. I been riding with ace since 07 not cuz he rep the hometown even doe he not from Miami, but cuz he’s real and has passion in his music. Im copping the album

  • Kali

    Damn,never knew his daughter died that young.Stay strong dude

  • Kaly

    didnt think this guy was all that great (minus a few songs here and there) until i just saw this, just super real. no matter what you say, this dude been grinding it out for years now and continues to stay focused so im ridin w em now

    how you even gonna reference that this cat got smacked (if he even did, im not wasting my time googling it), after you see something like this? sh*t doesn’t even have any bearing on anything he said in this video

  • @ STL_Whiteboy u just a fucking hater

  • MaClarte

    If this album is half as real as he just showed us should be dope! Heavily underrated and deserves his dues!

    Stldumbfuck- wtf does that have to do with anything? No one fucking cares! Everyone gets smacked, whooped, jumped but its how you respond! Where’s he now?

  • Slim Baller

    Ace raps with so much hunger it’s what we need today he always brings great flows and topics to his raps!

  • Leon Sandcastle

    ^what he said. Will def cop the album.

    Starvation 2 > any recent mixtape.

    I just hope he keeps those generic ass songs off the album.

    Ex: “Chasing Dollars(Fuck these Hoes)” featuring Ace Hood, French Montana, Rick Ross, Birdman. Produced by Lex Luger or MikeWillMadeIt.

  • xp

    as i was watching this touching shit, i asked myself, is this the first video where some fucknut actually doesn’t say anything disrespectful….no so thanks whiteboy ya cunt

  • Leon Sandcastle

    ^ I forgot, Future on the hook

  • Slim Baller

    If this video didn’t hit you then you’re emotionless honestly that was some real shit. Don’t disrespect anyone that’s been through that shit

  • DJ Game

    I’m not going to front, I don’t buy how albums. But honestly, I do like this guy and his hunger. He’s consistent with with he does. 3 albums, 10 mixtapes, and honestly he just gets better with his flow. He’s good at what he stands for. He’s no Nas or Lamar, but we need Ace just as much to balance hip-hop culture.

  • Foreign luccini

    We the best records= cash money young money universal tax write off

  • ???

    Real recognize real. This guy is better then most of the guys on MTVs hottest MC.
    Better than 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Big Sean, A$ap Rocky, Future, and Meek Mill.

  • ayyeee

    Make me tear up, I’ll look into that album.

  • 2Pac

    Inspirational trailer. I’m definitely buying the album !

  • poetic assasin

    Buying two copies – this shit hit me hard, especially with having a daughter. Respect to Ace, nothing but realness.