Just Blaze On Baauer “Harlem Shake” Backlash

Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” shook a few feathers, but Diddy isn’t the only one who supports it. In his chat with MTV, Just Blaze says its intention was never to disrespect the culture. Tell it to them.

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  • wickwickwack

    i wonder how he would react if i took one of his older beats and remade it into another song without his permission

  • Op-eD

    That isht is wack…shake these Harlem Brownstone nuts. It’s a mockery although in good fun. Gets the gas face for authenticity. What’s next the nutcracker craze? Baaaauueerrssss rhythmless harlem shake. #1 question who owns the rights to it?

  • the remote

    Now available for limited time at mcdonalds in new york, harlem shakes

  • Jerzy

    Wow! THIS is whats important??? sad

  • J

    …I say no
    *YN voice*

  • Dashing

    @wickwickwack, that LITERALLY has nothing to do with what he’s talking about. No one sampled someone else’s song. There’s no other song called the Harlem Shake that this was sampled from.

    The beat happened to have a sample in it that says “Harlem Shake” The producer put the song out. Didn’t do a video with a new dance or anything….

    Then randomly people decided to do stupid dances to the song. And then other people called it “The Harlem Shake”

    Yeah, the dance is lame and the videos are silly but at the end of the day, people are talking about the old Harlem Shake and repping it now more than they have in like a decade so cats need to chill the fuck out.

  • Jerzzz

    Homie with the hat on tilt had it right
    “Throw on some P.Diddy – G.Dep Special delivery, throwback, and youll see the real Harlem Shake”

  • wickwickwack

    it´s their song,they have to own it and rep it right
    if people missunderstood it then correct them …since they don´t ,they deserve the hate they get

    simple as that

  • Dashing

    “Correct” them. Why? Cause people are being silly and dancing in a video. No correction necessary. And like I said, this shit is bringing back the original Harlem SHake in a way that it NEVER would have been brought back otherwise.

  • The only record company that would pay attention and sign this BS, is those fags at Warner Music Group (Warner Brothers), and truthfully the song is wack, anyway. So, Just Blaze gets a pass for this trash (from Harlem), because real Harlemites aren’t interested in the song or it’s concept anyway.

  • JustMyOpinion

    “its intention was never to disrespect the culture.”

    ^ Just because you say it’s NOT disrespecting the culture, doesn’t mean its not. SMH

    We keep allowing people through the back door with nonsense, in an effort to make a few dollars. Think not? Why you think ‘singles’ are going gold and platinum and the same artist can barely get a platinum album. It’s turning into a ‘singles’ culture, everyone finding a quick way to make a few dollars, so show money can be $20k. We’ll never hear from them again.

    Remember, we’re still within the decade, let’s see where these people are in 2020.

  • premitive 25

    harlem shake committed that after jfk plane crash

  • premitive 25

    harlem shake commited that after jfk plane crash

  • Maybe if idiots took the time to find out the back-story behind Bauer’s song they’d realize its true intentions and true history. Niggas will write paragraphs riddled with bias but won’t take half the time to do research on what they’re so adamant about lmfao the internet fucked yall in the minds heavy

  • ryuk

    I love Just, but his opinion on the subject doesn’t matter. You from Jersey.

  • Starfox64

    it is an absolute outrage

  • This is so stupid that Just even has to explain to you retards what it is. Its nothing. Yall make yourselfs look so stupid.

  • The Harlem Shake lets Obama kill Americans with drones, its disgusting.

  • Its no wonder 2Chainz is the #1 rapper…..yall mothaf*ckas are retarded.

  • zeee

    another case of black people giving away their culture for that almighty dollar. who needs black people any way.

  • Jaymalls

    @wickwickwack The producer didn’t take any Harlem shake beat dumb ass! I swear b…

  • Smokums da bear

    its not about the Harlem shake its about the culture and Black culture is just getting robbed, theres no one with a real voice for the people, places are going through gentrification, we dont have a say anymore, im just saying

  • Foreign luccini

    *yawn* but that song Compton he made on Kendrick Lamar album was a blapper!!

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