• Toy-T


  • dreadfla

    Nobody fuckin wit Harry frauds. Beats

  • wsdm

    probably my favorite producer at the moment



  • Leon Sandcastle


  • Pizzle
  • Slim Baller

    …his beats aren’t that good to be honest, don’t get me wrong theyre dope but he doesn’t have the t-minus appeal or affect on the game!

  • wtf

    i fuck with dat

  • Hack

    But T-Minus only makes that one synth beat, over and over again…


    Disappointed at how GARBAGE the mixdown/sound quality is. Nobody does post production anymore. It wouldve sounded way nicer if he brought out the treble a lil. Ok i guess other than that.

  • reall

    great sample… great ear for that… like i always say, his drums are not up t bar… that is the problem… but great ear for those samples and composing them in that way… its like a young alchemist or something…. alchemist got his drums down but his lil brotha still needs a lesson or 2