The Round Up: Busta Rhymes

Life+Times begins their new viral series, The Round Up with the homie Shaheem Reid. In the first installment, Busta explains his longevity and bigs up some of rap’s new generation. Everything remains raw.

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  • S/o all my folks in the peanut gallery! Busta told some epic stories this night!

  • CK

    that was amazing, great man bussa.

  • Kev

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.. Good luck with that YMCMB album Bussa Buss…

  • first of all, KEV please shift with your negetivity. I would like to thank Rapradar and Life+Times for this incredible interview. Honest, thought provoking and everly supporting the culture! Love

  • Foreign luccini

    That don’t sound right ” the round up” pretty round round driving me wild oow child things are gonna get it little freakier!! Watch how u word shit oogs


    Great interview

  • Pardonmyswag

    Great interview

  • michelle michelle

    Interesting perspective on Tyler the Creator