• the remote

    Sounded more like white on white crime

  • ness

    what a corny lame fuck

  • Jon B

    going to his show tonight in Dallas

  • jl

    Hardly ‘covers’ it. Just the chorus.


  • Rozay

    Mofo should be rapping Forgot about Diddy, only thing dude has in common with Em is the trailor park, this dude is NOT hip hop, he needs to go the Kid Rock Route and stay there.

  • shaun

    I’m not even a mgk fan.. But that’s just hating

  • JoeyAnfield

    Can’t Cosign MGK. No one should

  • Fukin serious

    Don’t even go there you unoriginal bastard

  • swag

    These people who comment are weird as fuk

  • I have no hate for MGK, although granted I haven’t really listened to anything other then that “Cleveland” video when he was on the come up. I just don’t feel his music speaks to me and that’s cool, because it obviously does for some, and that’s a great thing… for them. But this? This right here? Is just poking a sleeping giant, and MGK can put that on all his tattoos, he doesn’t not want that giant to wake up. Although that is most likely never going to happen, Kelly has in no way evolved enough to even see Eminem. Em would need a microscope just to understand who this dude is. So understand what level your at Lace Up and please don’t compare yourself to one of the greatest to ever do it. Does anyone else think different?

  • Evil

    Nope,you are pretty much spot on right there.

  • tyui

    Monstar – Agree.

  • 85

    I dont know man, he could at least make a new chorus that resembles the original one (in words and melody and shit), so better leave it alone and pump yo shit ..

  • G.badd

    MGK can spit his white azz off.yal dont like him cause he 100. NOT FAKE,SO LAMES HATE. If he battle rap females dats on som pop shyt yal will luv him.

  • Margaret

    Monstar — I know Kells is not comparing himself to Eminem. He is paying homage and showing respect to an artist that he looks up to.

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